Picket Fence Studios

Picket Fence Studios - Paper Inking Palette - 10x10


Paper Inking Palette was created to be an all-in-one transferring surface for paper-crafters everywhere.  This, made in the USA surface, created from high-quality photopolymer material will soon become a part of your daily crafting!

Just a few uses:

**Provide a surface for ink techniques with water-based ink, oxide ink and pigment ink

**Hold paper in place for ink application

**Grasp and hold die-cuts for inking techniques

**Keep stencils in place for easier use with less tape or temporary spray glue

**Sticky surface for holding and organizing ink pads, life changing blender brushes and paper pouncers

**Easy to clean surface by running water over it or using warm soapy water and a microfiber towel

**Provides cushion under a stamp for stamping with an acrylic block