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Mixed Media Fun

Perhaps you have heard the term mixed media before. What does it mean and how can it cultivate your creativity? You may already be using mixed media techniques in your projects and not even know it! We will discuss creative supplies to use in creative endeavors.

Alternative Uses for Scrapbooking Albums

There are many uses for a scrapbooking album. They can be used in a variety of ways to help you store items and organize in your craft room. Scrapbooking albums have thick and sturdy covers to prevent damage to the items inside. All you need is a scrapbooking album and a few sheet protectors. Did you know that sheet protectors come in a variety of sizes? Sheet protectors can be used for storing postage stamps, coins, baseball cards, 4x6 photos, and paper money. Some manufactures create special sizing with the sheet protectors divided in thirds and fourths. Check out some of the ideas below to see what you can store!  

Crafting Work Surfaces

Have you considered what work surface you need for all your favorite crafting activities? Is a self healing mat better than a glass mat? Is a silicone mat better than newspaper covering the work surface? There are many work surfaces out on the market available for creatives. Which one is right for your favorite technique? Continue reading to get more information about each mat type.