Country Craft Creations

Welcome to Country Craft Creations, nestled in the charming town of West Haven, Utah! Our creative haven was founded by Tamra Merrill and her faithful little beagle, Wilbur. He is even famous as he has been in a few dog food commercials. He entertains all who come in contact with him!

A passionate scrapbooking enthusiast, Tamra embarked on this journey a decade ago when the allure of crafting beckoned louder than the conventional work routine.

Tamra's background in child development and nursing laid the foundation for her compassionate and nurturing spirit, which seamlessly transitioned into the realm of crafting. A seasoned scrapbooker for many years, Tamra initially delved into the world of full-size books, honing her skills and cultivating a love for the craft.

Driven by a desire to share her passion, Tamra began teaching others the art of scrapbooking. Little did she know that this endeavor would blossom into the thriving community and business that is Country Craft Creations today. The seeds of this venture were sown with a vision, and over the years, it has grown beyond expectations.

In January 2023, Country Craft Creations found its permanent home in West Haven, opening both a store and a warehouse to cater to the needs of fellow crafters. What began as a dream has transformed into a reality, with a physical store complementing the online presence that initially set the foundation.

Country Craft Creations has not only filled a creative need but has become a unique gem in Utah. In a time when scrapbook stores were once a common sight, we stand as a testament to the enduring passion for preserving memories through art. Today, we proudly continue our journey as one of the few havens for crafting enthusiasts in the beautiful state of Utah. Join us in celebrating the art of storytelling and creation at Country Craft Creations!