Doodlebug - Fairy Garden Collection - 12x12 Paper Pack / 7234

Fairy, fairy quite contrary how does your garden grow?
With mushroom houses, sweet bug friends and flowers all
in a row! Come join a garden party of beautiful colors and
happiness in our new springtime release, “Fairy Garden”™!
You can’t help but smile when see this tiny magical habitat
full of adorable and cheerful little creatures! What a fairy
delightful way to add some sunshine to your day!


1 sheet of each 12x12 paper design

1 12x12 sticker sheet

Coordinating Doodlebug Textured Cardstock 

3367 Blush, 3368 Cupcake, 3379 Tangerine, 3384 Bunblebee, 3386 Citrus,

3387 Limeade, 3392 Swimming Pool, 3400 Lilac