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Buttons Galore & More - Shaker Embellishments - Mix Upz - Frozen / MXZ114


FROZEN Mix Upz offer a combination of polymer clay pieces, iridescent snowflake shaped confetti , round sequins that color coordinate with the other ingredients.  A beautiful mix of classic winter colors.

Content: Includes one full tablespoon of craft embellishments.

  • Snowflake shaped polymer clay Sprinkletz in blue and white
  • Snowflake shaped iridescent confetti offers brilliant shine
  • Sheer round sequins in off white and light blue colors


              • Add a decorative, finishing touch for cards, shaker crafts and other projects
              • Embellish jewelry, clothing, accessories, cell phone cases
              • Use as nail art
              • Easily glue onto most surfaces
              • Use as filler in any shaker project