Cardstock 101: Keepin' it Simple

Cardstock 101: Keepin' it Simple

Apr 10, 2024Jacqualine Hart

Today we are Keepin' it Simple by providing some basic cardstock information and tips. We hope this will help answer any questions that you may have but if not, feel free to reach out!


Cardstock comes in various thickness, weights and sizes. Thickness is measured in points. The higher the points, the thicker the paper (16 pt = 16/1000ths of an inch). Paper weight is measured in pounds, which is the result of weighing 500 sheets of one size of paper. It can also be measured in grams per square meter (GSM) by weighing one single square meter of paper. This is a more true weight of a single sheet of paper. Typically, the higher the GSM the thicker and heavier the paper.

Hold up one sheet of cardstock letting the opposite end hang down. You will be able to tell if its a lighter or heavier cardstock by how much it hangs. Heavier cardstock is stiffer and does not hang down as much as lighter cardstock.


Paper grain is the direction in which most of the paper fibers run. The grain typically runs with the length of a rectangular sheet. You can find the grain of a paper by bending the paper over, but do not crease, give it a slight bounce. Turn the paper in the other direction and repeat. If it bends easily then this is the grain of the paper. If you feel resistance, that side is going against the grain. For a successful fold and easy scoring, it is best to fold with the grain of the paper.


Cardstock has an inner layer referred to as the ‘core’. When a cardstock is torn the core is revealed. The most common types of core are: (1) White Core Cardstock that reveals a white core and (2) Solid Core Cardstock that reveals the color of the cardstock. The two uncommon core types are (1) Solid Color Core Cardstock that reveals a slightly lighter color core and (2) a Sandable Cardstock that reveals a lighter color variation when you rub sand paper on the cardstock.



A Quick Reference guide has been created so you will know what types of cardstock Country Craft Creations carries. This guide includes the store brand as well as My Colors Cardstock. Each type of cardstock is listed including the weight, finish and cardstock core. Click the image below to obtain a PDF document that you can print and have on hand when ordering or creating.


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