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What’s in your closet? 

No judgement from us if you can’t tell the ceiling from the floor in your craft closet. Most of us have no sense of north and south when we are busy at work in our craft room. If your craft closet is stuffed to the max full of papers, die cuts, ribbons, stencils and buttons you are officially a part of the craft community. We are a community of people who thrive in an organized chaos of crafting supplies. 

Sometimes though we need to go on a personal organizational retreat so that we can bring in more goodies. This newfound organization can help us utilize what we have and can spark inspiration for new projects. I have lots of things on my crafting to do list and I am sure that you do too! 

flower pot paper

Craft Closet Organizer

So first, analyze what is in your craft closet. Do you have an abundance of fabric, glue, and glitter? What scraps can be donated to the kiddos? Why not pass some things off to grandkids who could grow up to be adept crafters themselves? Once you have analyzed what you can toss out, take a look at some craft closet organizers. Amazon has an abundance of drawers, baskets, hooks and hangers. Michaels has a wonderful selection of boxes and bins to keep you organized.


flower paper

DIY Craft Closet Organizers

Organizing your craft closet is possible with repurposed, everyday household items. Old laundry baskets, kleenex boxes, amazon boxes, pill containers, glass jars and shoe boxes are easy to decorate and convert into storage. Personal favorites include using old flower pots or watering cans for storage. They make a wonderful place to store brushes! You can also try wrapping your old shoe boxes in that pretty brown paper that comes in most Amazon boxes. 

There you have it! Some quick ideas to get your craft closet in a more semi-state of organization. Of course, when you have room to take on more crafting supplies browse Country Craft Creations for your next big thing. 

July 16, 2021 — Tamra Merrill

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