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Welcome to our new blog page

Hello, and welcome to the website. This is also going to be the home to our blog.

The old blog will still remain up while the transferring of content is in process. And you will want to be able to access some of the old tutorials.  

Let me walk you thru the amazing things you will see on the bog. First off, is the video tutorials. Some will be the links to my YouTube and some will be from our exclusive Facebook live tutorials. You will also find links for our designers and their videos posted from time to time. I will share tidbits to make your crafting fun and stress free along with tips and tricks to save you time and money. More money means more paper :) 

I love showing you what you can make from the paper collections that we offer. The goal is to cultivate the creativity in the beginner and hopefully new ideas to the advanced.

If you are nervous about starting a project, here are a few ideas.

* Pick out the tutorial you are just dying to try.

* Gather your materials. I keep it simple so you don't have to purchase a lot of extras.

* Make time! This can be one of the hardest to do when it comes to crafting. Put that do not disrupt sign up on your door! Pets always allowed though! 

* Just start! Don't overthink. This can be the stumbling block on any project. When we overthink our brain tends to confuse us.  

* Follow step by step and in no time you will have made your project and can be so proud. 


On another note, Wilbur is really enjoying the summer weather. 

June 26, 2019 — Tamra Merrill



ymoszraaeg said:

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

Donna Turner Immekus

Donna Turner Immekus said:

This is awesome!

Diann Weier

Diann Weier said:

Love it!!!!


Ginny said:

Love the new blog, store and the picture of Wilbur 😀

Brenda Crouch

Brenda Crouch said:

Love the new blog, super cool Tammy!!!!

Sandy Trefger

Sandy Trefger said:

The blog looks fabulous!

Patsy Ingram

Patsy Ingram said:

This new blog site will be amazing!

margo vermunicht

margo vermunicht said:

thx, country craft creations is such a beautiful site.I live in Belgium and learned to do craftingbooking.It made my life usefull :).there are so many people who make amazing stuff.wish I could go to america to meet these wonderful women :).you are the best

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