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Using Ephemera

Using ephemera in your projects can be a joy! It is fun to breathe new life into vintage images by using them in a project. Saving movie or airline tickets are a wonderful element to add to a scrapbook or journal as a memory of the cherished event. If you are uncomfortable with using the piece of ephemera, don't worry. Scanning the image into the computer is always an option. This way you can preserve the memory forever. Scanning the item will also allow you to print the image again and again to use in a variety of projects. 


If the ephemera is fragile or a cherished family heirloom like a wedding certificate it should be stored in an acid free box or folder to protect the document. Scanning and printing it in would allow you to use the certificate in a child's wedding scrapbook while preserving the original document. 

Below are a few ideas of how to use ephemera in your projects. 


  1. Layer ephemera with papers and photos. 

  2. Make a Greeting Card.

  3. Make a collage of ephemera for your background canvas.

  4. Cut a frame from ephemera.

  5. Wedding Favors.

  6. Dream/Goal Board.

  7. Embellish with ephemera.

  8. Use ephemera as a foundation or background element. 

  9. Use ephemera with images as thematic accents. 

  10.  Journal on ephemera.

  11.  Create a bookmark.

  12.  Make a Travel Journal.

  13.  Use it on a Bulletin Board.

  14.  Decoupage on a book cover.

  15.  Make an Envelope.

These are just a few ideas to use as a jumping off point. As we discussed last week, ephemera can be collected from libraries, yard sales, estate sales, junk yards, thrift and antique stores. It is fun to visit a local antique store to see what treasure you can find. Bringing home your treasure and using it in a project is rewarding. Don't be afraid to experiment with it in your projects.

The sky's the limit!

March 07, 2022 — Tamra Merrill

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