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Februay 2023
Upcycle an Old Book Into a Fun Photo Album

Humans have been engaging in the timeless hobby of scrapbooking for ages. This cherished pastime has dramatically evolved over time, from simple journals with a few mementos tucked inside, to the beautiful works of art that are created within the pages of our scrapbooks today . Looking back on the origins of scrapbooking is a great way to see how far we have come and appreciate the tools and inspiration we have today. 

We can see the origins of scrapbooking begin to emerge in Europe during the Renaissance period with “commonplace books,"  which were kept by the educated and noble and are similar to modern day bullet journals. Though these journals were mostly filled with writing, they eventually would begin to be filled with additional objects, leading to the modern day scrapbook.

In the 1400s, another particularly interesting early form of scrapbooking began to take place,  within the pages of bibles. People began to record their family histories on the blank pages of their family bible. It also became common to store newspaper clippings, important documents, and eventually family photographs within the pages of their bibles, essentially creating a family scrapbook. 

All of these methods evolved into the modern day scrapbook as people began to save mementos from significant occasions in their lives while adding decorations and embellishments to the pages. In the 19th century, with the introduction of the industrial printing press, we began to see what we recognize as modern day scrapbooking. As printed materials were now more commonplace than ever, scrapbooking began to be a very popular hobby. The new invention of photography was also a huge monument in the history of scrapbooking and allowed people to add photos to their albums. 

For a fun project, upcycle an old book into a fun scrapbook. Tuck photos into the pages and adorn with paper clips, buttons, ephemera, and embellishments from Country Craft Creations. Instead of using wet glue and wrinkling the pages, use Scor Tape for a secure, flawless adhesive.

 up cycle old photo album

Consider using a classic poetry book for a romantic scrapbook, or you may also consider using an old children’s book and securing old baby photos in it. You can add in extra folio pages using any of our baby themed scrapbook paper as well. 

Scrapbook has continued to evolve since then to the modern age where the diversity of scrapbooking supplies makes the possibilities with scrapbooking endless. As we move into a digital age, scrapbooking continues to evolve. Every day we are introduced to advancing tools and techniques, and we couldn't be more excited to see what’s next!

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February 08, 2023 — Tamra Merrill



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The children’s book photo album is fabulous! Thank you.

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