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Thrifting Creatively

Thrifting has become very popular. It is a great way to save money on clothing, shoes, and home decor items. The same items, if bought new, could be triple or quadruple the price. Did you know that you can find great crafting treasures at the local thrift stores, estate sales, or antique stores? This can be a great way to build a crafty stash without breaking the bank. 

At the thrift store you can find a variety of treasures. Sometimes fellow crafters will donate unused cardstock, stamps and embellishments. This is the jackpot! It can be added to your own collection. This doesn't happen very often, so it is important to do what we do best and get creative. 

Thrift stores will typically have a school or office supplies section. This is a great place to check for paper. Sometimes businesses will donate old reams of printer paper, file folders and receipt paper. This is great if you enjoy coffee dying paper because it can be found in large bundles for a low cost. Old file folders are made with a stiff cardstock and can be used to create covers for albums or elements. Try stamping and inking on a file folder and cutting it out for a DIY “chipboard” ephemera and elements. 

Another fun item to look for is textiles. Look for old placemats, table cloths, drapes, and even clothing. Don't be afraid to cut up old items. Using textiles in your projects can be so much fun. This is especially true if you enjoy making chunky junk journals. Layering fabric and paper elements can create an interesting variety of textures.

Just be sure that before using any items, they get run through the wash or receive a thorough wipe down with disinfectant. It is fun to see what new items come into the store. Breathing life into used items is a great way to recycle and cultivate your creativity.

May 13, 2022 — Tamra Merrill

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