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Things We Love ........

Every year, on Valentine’s Day. I add to my "Things I Love" Journals. I encourage you to start one this year. I write about the new things I love, and of course my forever loves. I add current loves, and pictures to the next page, or signature. It’s so heartwarming to read back on the movies, books, recipes, restaurants, quotes and even the scrapbooking tools I loved years ago, and how some things change, and stay the same. 


When I think about things I love, my scrap space is on my top 10 list. Even now as I work in an extremely messy, cramped, uncomfortable space due to my construction, I am still at such peace when I’m surrounded by all my scrappy joys. I can’t wait until I move back into the small corner of my basement, where everything will be in its rightful place.

I'm not the type crafter that’s wants/ needs to be in a quiet room, away from it all. I have a third floor in my house- (basically, a full, finished attic with 8ft ceilings). It is considered a bedroom- but when we moved in, I knew it would be my craft room. I would be in heaven, all the way up two flights of very long stairs, away from all that was going in my house. Quiet, serene, a crafter’s dream for the majority, I imagine. Well, after a few months, I knew this would not do. I missed Jimmy, I missed the noise, the refrigerator, and just life in my house.

Now, you must understand, and probably know, I love to be surrounded by people, craziness and fun. When we go on vacation, I never sit by the quiet adult pool- ITS SO QUIET AND BORING!!!! Nope, I need to people watch, (and mutter under my breath to Jimmy about), pool music playing, new strangers to talk to, watch the NICE children run around, etc.- Yep… I can see you all cringing right now, thinking I am crazy!  

Being alone and quiet, away from it all, was not my utopia. So, I moved into our dining room. Well, it was great being on the main floor, Jimmy was a few steps away in the den, my tv or tutorial playing, but I could still hear the den tv in the background. AND, I was steps away from the fridge!!!! Well, that didn’t last long, because I use my dining room when I have company, and it is one of my favorite rooms in my house. So…… it was time to move into the basement. It was right down a few steps from the den, and close enough to still hear what was going on upstairs without me. And since Jimmy and I are connected at the hip, he soon started watching tv downstairs, and Walla! -Sallie’s utopia! (EXCEPT it was really ugly with 80 -year old paneling and hardly any lighting.) So, I painted, added my vintage touches, a new bright light over my pretty craft table, and I was happy, not ecstatic, but happy! Fast forward a few years, and the pipes begin to leak and brake-, (clouds with silver linings), So, here I am today, getting ready to  re- do my little scrap corner. A small, vintage filled, Shangri-La! Remember the Rogers and Hammerstein version of Cinderella where she sings “In my own little corner, in my own little chair I can be whatever I want to be” – THAT'S ME!  Being whoever and whatever, I want to be at the moment!! But with Jimmy, Carley and noise very close by! I even made that song into a wall hanging! I love that movie to this day!


Here is where we stand as of 8am this morning, almost done, just a few weeks more…


One of our amazing designers, Kim Raynnels, describes her craft space. Like most of us, not perfect she says, but her Happy place! I find it hard to believe she ever has a messy space, because she is always dressed and put together with perfection. Beautiful outfits with gorgeous statement jewelry, so poised, and organized when she teaches. As you can see by her beautiful pictures- it is neat, and soooo Kim! Vintage touches, flowers, and lace surround her! I LOVE IT, especially the shape of the work area- what a great find!!


Kim writes, “This was hard for me. I pride myself on having a clean home. My craft area is challenging. My work area is in an unfinished basement with cement walls. I don’t have the cute, everything-matches room like I would prefer. However, I have a large area to work in and it is hidden from view so if it’s messy...oh well. I bought a receptionist desk from a daycare that went out of business. It is the perfect craft desk. I also am including a picture of the cabinet that I bought 2 of to help hide my hoard. I’m looking forward to being able to close the doors and not seeing all of my stuff. Even though I wish it was a fancier space, at least I have a space. I enjoy getting away from it all by losing myself in my hobby and in my special place.”

I love her last line, which I believe we can all relate to- ‘getting away from it all by losing myself in my hobby and in my special place.’



It not too late to create another Valentine are just a few of  ideas from our designers! 

We love this sweet gift box that our designer Bobbi created using leftover scrap papers and cardstock - perfect for Valentine's Day gifts!  Featuring papers from our Valentine's Day Collections:

Lori's sweet Valentine's Day Mini Album uses items from our Bi-Monthly Craftology Project Subscription Box Simple Stories My Valentine from our


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Finally, for today..... its time to start some Spring and Easter Crafting... Checkout the beautiful collections at Country Craft Creations!!!! 

Have a great day everyone surrounded by joy ! 

Love Me!!






February 12, 2020 — Sallie Phelan


Pamela Romano-Strickland

Pamela Romano-Strickland said:

Ok…so can I just say…I love Kim’s space and Sallie’s…I am with Sallie…I have a craft room upstairs but everything is in my kitchen, morning room and dining room…I craft with my sister, sister in law and friends on my Kitchen Island…That way we can give my husband a hard time and are in the heart of the house (it is always the kitchen in Italian families)…My husband teases me about taking over all of the house with crafts (he doesn’t mind really)…So keep on crafting in whatever space makes you happy…Everyone else will just have to play along…lol


Diann said:

Love your space Kim…… I also have the basement with cement walls but I love it….. Sallie…. can’t wait to see your final space …..

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