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Februay 2023
The Road Less Traveled.

Timing….. Tamra and I often talk about the power of timing. How many times have we said or heard; "In God's time". How many times have we thought or said it to our own children? I think it takes many years of living on this earth to truly understand and believe in those words.

I think when we all look back, really look back on our journeys, and all those forks in the road we have traveled -we will understand why some were very twisted and bumpy- and others lined with the greenest of trees, filled with the most harmonious sounds of sweet birds

I will also say, that at times we must all find the courage to take the road less traveled. Probably the hardest decisions of our lives, but the ones I feel bring the most excitement and life force.

I find it so amazing that Tamra's ‘road less traveled’- came this year. I don't mean just 2021, I mean the past 12 months we have all been living through. This new endeavor didn't happen in 2017 or 2018 or 2022- it happened now, in one of the most difficult years many of us will ever face

When I think of the joy this endeavor has brought to so many this year, I am in awe. When I think about what her success has done for all of us, I am beyond grateful. The friendships, the conversations, the emails, the sharing, the talking, consoling, and even shoulders to cry on- saved many in one way or another.

So many everyday things that we can't do anymore, that spark all those beautiful feelings inside, have become golden as we are entering a second year of hardships.  And yet we sit here today still possessing laughter, hope, joy, faith and even fun; because of one, little, tiny shop in Hooper, Utah owned and created by one mighty, strong, faithful woman- Tamra Merrill


Is it a coincidence that something she has dreamed about and wanted for so long came to fruition this year? I don't think so. I think her journey was mapped out by a higher force to help save many of us. She will read this and think no way, Sallie has gone too far with this one. But -no, I haven't. I have received dozens upon dozens of calls and PMs, of people just saying how Tamra's life got them through a lonely day, how one of the designers sparked creativity and got them up and cutting and creating. I can go on and on.

Is it just paper? Is just another scrapbook store? I am here to tell you, No…. it is a miracle, and a gift from God.




She dared to tip toe onto the road less traveled with her first release- The Bee House. She wanted it for her unique, virtual -Bee Retreat. And then the road rose up to meet her! She captured the beauty of the life of bees, and nature with soft yellows and punches of black. Layers of beautiful distressing and patterns. And so, it began.




Next up- Country Bunny. Days of egg hunts, and trips to the farm to pet the baby rabbits, color combinations that put you right in the springtime mood, and the absolute cutest bunnies you will ever see, with actual different personalities! Incredible.















Ireland Forever… what more is there to say- the title says it all. You will feel like you are standing on 200-year-old cobble stones, looking out into the fields from a stoned cottage. You will feel the warmth in your hands from holding a hot cup of tea. You will be transported to the Emerald Isle, surrounded by the lush greenery and rolling hills. You will feel at peace with this paper- truly carried to a different time and place. This paper is a true chameleon, as it can just be a beautiful pallet of greens and taupe’s and beiges without having to be about Ireland. I am in utter love with this collection.

And soon to come- Country Kitchen. Fresh, bold, colorful graphics that will blast you into the past of a 1950s kitchen complete with Corel, and vintage appliances. Just imagine George Jetson meets I love Lucy and Leave It to Beaver meets Hazel! SO FUN!!!





It’s one thing to capture perfection in one paper collection, but to achieve the perfect theme, color, texture, graphics, patterns, in four at one time with seven more still to come, is astonishing, let alone accomplished by one amazing woman, Tamra Merrill.

Jimmy and are beyond humbled and grateful to be a part of this ride. Thank You! 

I speak for all of us when I say congratulations, continued success, the best of health, love, laughter and joy anyone can have. May you continued to be surrounded by God’s incredible grace, and may the road continue to rise up to meet you. We all love and adore you and all that is Country Craft Creations. BRING ON THE NEXT 7!!!!




February 20, 2021 — Sallie Phelan




OMG…well put Sallie…I am so grateful to have met this wonderful group Tamra/You/The Design Team have created…I am thankful for all of you and the CCC crafters…You bring laughter and joy into my life…


Patricia Huber

Patricia Huber said:

I took chance one day and called the store looking for that beautiful Ancestry album. To my delight, Tamra answered the phone. We had the best conversation while she told me that she would put a kit together for me! She didn’t know how low I was feeling and that it felt as if no one had done anything nice for me in the past year. I am a retired adult NP and knew how important it was to send cards, thoughts, gifts to people to keep up their spirits. She so lifted mine that day! And, the next day a friend sent me a beautiful homemade gift!
I’m almost finished putting together the album and it is so beautiful…a real work of love!

Patty Murphy

Patty Murphy said:

Oh my. This is the most beautiful thing I have read. It really says everything. Thanks for writing this. God is great he provides in what our path is going to be. He put Tarma, her family, friends, designers and company into all our lives to make our path happier. Thanks so much.

Mary Meerdink

Mary Meerdink said:

Well said my friend and I can only add my personal feelings to this message. Yes I am happy for all of us paper gurus..or not… and a heartfelt love from Utah to Fl..thank you for ALWAYS being encourage and to Always show us what love is really all about. Congratulations Tammy and Crew.

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