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Summer Recipe Book

Recipe books are memoirs to family tradition. Cooking in the kitchen is wonderful quality time with family and friends. Imagine down the line how fun it is for your kids to say ‘My Grandma’ used to make this!’ 

Your knowledge of blending herbs, spices, this and a bit of that, is worth keeping a record of. Knowing what your ancestors cook is always fascinating and you can learn so much about your history that way. 

Getting started

Your summer recipe book should have a little bio about you. What are your favorite foods and why? What did your ma and pa enjoy cooking?  Did they have a special recipe that you still use today?  What was your worst cooking disaster? No shame, we all have them!! 

Be sure to include pictures of yourself working in the kitchen with friends and family. 


 Make a section in your recipe book for drinks. Homemade horchata, juice, teas, and lemonades can all potentially go in your book. By the way, this lemonade recipe is a must try.  What is your favorite way to serve the drinks and what meals do they pair well with? 

Any appetizers can go in your book too like coconut puddings, dips, and breads. Be sure to include your favorite snack for hiking and biking like granola or chex mixes. Of course, step-by-step instructions for your favorite cookouts and barbeques need to be included. Favorite homemade barbeque sauces, syrups, and homemade jams are also fun things to include. If your recipe has ingredients fresh from the garden be sure to check out our blog post on ‘How to Keep a Garden Journal.’

DIY Recipe Book

You can find just about anything on our site for your DIY recipe book. Search for Cooking Paper, Farm Fresh Paper, Recipe Paper and more! We are always having sales and we are always adding new things, so be sure to check back often.

August 13, 2021 — Tamra Merrill

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