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Stickles Glue Projects

Country Craft Creations is your home to all craft things. Have you seen our Stickles glue? Stickles glue is not your ordinary, everyday glue. Stickles glue is made with a narrow point for doing detail work and the narrow point prevents those annoying glops. Stickles glitter glue is made with vivid color and has one of the broadest color palettes. This glue is for the Crafter who is serious about their work. 

Okay so what can you make with Stickles glue?

Embellished scrapbook pages

Use stickles glue to embellish your scrapbook pages. Flat to dimensional in minutes! Use stickles for dots, lines, and color fills. Try giving your pages borders by dragging the glue across the edges. You can make dotted borders, line and swirl borders. 


There is no such thing as too much glitter and sparkle. Pick up some fun stencils and use your glue to give letters and images some more pop. You can overlay the Stickles glue to give images dimension.

Stamped Images

This is a fun one and an absolute must try! Pick up some butterfly, bird or ladybug stamps, or use anything that you have, and stamp onto the paper as you would normally. Use the stickles glue to bring your art to life. Dot & trace the glue over the wings for little images that sparkle with life!

Seasonal Decoration

Yes, stickles glue is perfect for decorating Christmas stockings. Use the stickles glue for writing out names, drawing snowflakes, etc. Stickles glue also works great for wood ornaments. You can buy precut wood ornaments like Santas, reindeers, and trees and use the Stickles glue to give the wood some dimensional color. This is a fun activity for kids.

Of course these projects are only to name a few. The possibilities with Stickles glue are endless. Shop the ever-popular Stickles glue right here at Country Craft Creations. On your way out don’t forget to pick up some Christmas paper and Stamps for your Stickles Glue projects. 

August 06, 2021 — Tamra Merrill

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