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Spring Cleaning: Recycling & Giving

Have you wanted to do some spring cleaning in your craft room but don't know where to start? Perhaps you have also wanted to purge other areas of your home as well. There are many options for cleaning out the various areas of your home. 

Purging can help eliminate clutter allowing you to be less stressed. Tossing broken items can free up space for items you use regularly. Sometimes we purchase a new crafting supply or other item and don’t use it like we thought we would. Consider donating items that you haven’t used frequently to charity, a fellow crafter, someone in need, or to a child with a budding interest in arts and crafts. Cultivating creativity in a little one creates positive effects that could last a lifetime. Consider these benefits of giving:

  • Giving benefits the community

  • Giving makes bring joy

  • Giving is good for health

  • Giving relieves stress

  • Giving helps social connection

  • Giving evokes gratitude

  • Giving is contagious

Are you struggling to let go of items because they have sentimental value? Inherited items can be difficult to part with. Chances are it’s not the object itself but its association with a person, place, or time. You can cherish the memories without a physical object to remind you. Letting go of unused items does not mean that you did not cherish the memory or person that the items are associated with. 

Here is a list of a few Utah charities to consider donating too. Research charities in your own cities and regions. There are many women's and homeless shelters that could benefit from your donations.

Boys and Girls Club of Great Salt Lake:


The Christmas Box:

The Sharing Place:

Craft Lake City: 

The Clever Octopus: 

***Country Craft Creations is not affiliated with or sponsored in any way by these charities. Please do your own research before contacting and donating to charities and organizations.***

April 20, 2022 — Tamra Merrill

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