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Februay 2023
So much Happening at Country Craft Creations!

Isn't it funny how our minds and hearts quickly adapt to the change in seasons and holidays especially as crafters? I used to get so aggravated seeing the stores change over their seasonal merchandise way before a current holiday was even upon us. I now realize we need this early time to purchase our supplies, papers, ribbons, bows, embellishments etc., so we are ready when the new holiday or season is before us. I spoke in one of the blogs about how the paper industry is just like the fashion industry running new lines sometimes a year in advance. This is why things sell out, or why we are not ready when new projects are posted. I have found that we need to get a jump on them way before present time.

Now that Christmas is behind us, (except for getting a jump on our December Daily's with Tamra’s new project coming) - I start feeling the tingling of spring- just a tingling. The stores are already filled with spring florals, bunnies, and decor. I used to walk right past the rush and grumble at it- just wanting to enjoy the present time. I even use to enjoy the winter months even into February, when I hibernated and cooked and baked those belly warming comfort foods. Now, I'm personally good with just December and maybe 2 weeks in January with  the cold. Thank goodness our winters have not been the bad the past couple of years or i would be far worse!I can’t wait till summer! I’m just a beach girl who does not like coats!

But... I must say Valentine's Day does give me such joy. I have always adored this holiday- always. My mom would always make a big deal out it- cards, candies, little gifts always centered around the word love. She would decorate our little apartment out of tissue paper and newspaper hearts before anyone probably thought about the joy of anything vintage.

I’ve been lucky enough to go through several life phases of Valentine's Day.  The young, 'early love' phase of roses and candy hearts, better jobs and big fancy gifts, and perhaps Theater tickets and romantic dinners in New York City. But now, after almost 39 years of a blessed marriage, we are in the best phase. Sitting home on Valentine's day with take-out and a romantic Hallmark Movie or one of my many favorite Romantic Comedies. I don't even want flowers anymore- I would rather buy the seasonal flowers in Trader Joes. Not gonna lie, sometimes the quintessential big gift still appears, especially if I give hints! I keep telling you I'm spoiled, and I like my designer things- I'm human !!!) But I love the general meaning of this holiday- love. Just love.

The featured quote, Love Is Patient, is one of my favorite bible verses. It was read at my wedding, hangs in my bedroom, and is read religiously every Monday when I say my prayers. It keeps me grounded, and reminds me what love, life and marriage are supposed to be built upon. Can you imagine if every person actually lived those words? What a different world we would have. I actually just saw shirts for Valentine's Day with this verse.  I am going to use my Cricut to try it! How great would a red shirt with that quote on it be for February!

So, a soon as saw the Craftology Box, I knew I had to have it. Its so perfectly vintage!!!! Tamra’s projects speak to that paper line perfectly. I adore each one. We need to document our loves, wether they be about our soul mates, best friends, children, or pets. We even need to write about those great loves who have passed on. I know they see us writing, I know they read the words, I know they feel the love and loss we hold in our hearts, and IO know they us heal and carry on. Don't forget your favorite February silly loves also- movies, foods, decor, or books.

Tamra will be starting the new Valentine project next week, and I can’t wait!

So here is the link to the Craftology subscriptions from March through December. (Although the Valentine one is sold out, Tamra still has the papers in her shop.)

This one features a great retro paper! Who's ready to bring the fun back to Family and Friend night!! Perfect for Bunco, Bridge and all those family photos from past and present game nights. Our designers will be making projects sure to bring the fun and memories back! Our March kit is going to be full of excitement!


She will be starting the new Valentine project next week, and I can’t wait!

Starting January 30th, she will be beginning her December Daily book. It will be a little bigger than last years and WILL HAVE A BAKING SECTION!!!!!! OMG!! I love that idea. Authentique's Rejoice will be the featured paper collection she will be using, and ... drum roll.... THERE WIL BE A KIT OFFERED TO MAKE IT!!!!! We all know how much I love kits!!!!! It will be released at 6pm MST Tonight (January 18th). Here is the walk through and kit description if you missed the post.



Tamra also is helping us stay organized and calm during the Holiday season by nudging us to make our Christmas cards now! She had a great class this week making gorgeous and easy cards. Check it out! You will be so happy you did come December! She is using Rejoice again, but you can use up whatever scraps you have.


AND DID YOU SEE THE NEW HOME DECORE ITEM !!!! HOLY SWEET MOTHER OF BABY JESUS!!! I just got and its unbelieveable !! Just wait till you see the quality. I nearly died when I opened it!!!

In keeping up with technology, and always trying to make our lives easier and better for all of us, she is now streaming on Facebook and YouTube at the same time!!! 

I'll be back Monday with more sneak peeks she's getting ! Have a great weekend everybody!! LOVE YOU!!!!



January 18, 2020 — Sallie Phelan


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