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Smashbook Journaling

Creating a smashbook journal with your children is a great idea for any parent, whether you are homeschooling or not. A smash book is different from a regular scrapbook as it doesn't have to be as planned out or put together. The idea is to just have fun with it and just work on it each page at a time. This style of scrapbooking is a little bit easier for kids, as they usually don't have as much time and patience. Journaling is a great activity for children. It will help them practice
their reading skills and grow their creativity. As they reflect on their day they will learn more about themselves and their emotions.

The first thing you will need to create your very very one smashbook is a blank Journal. We have a selection of blank journals that would be a perfect fit for this project. Shop for Journals HERE. Be sure to grab inserts and the essentials!

Collect photos and other flat memories that you will “smash" into the book. These flat memories could be birthday cards, movie tickets, dried flowers or even admission bracelets. The opportunities are endless. Next to each memento, have your child write about their day and explain the significance of the item. Some days it may be useful to give them a prompt to write about such as “What did I do last week that I am proud of?” or “What is my favorite thing I'm learning in school right now?”.

Make sure to provide materials that will allow them to get creative. Stickers, glitter, ribbon, buttons, etc can all be used to decorate their journal. Don't forget the scissors and glue as well!

The best part about this is that there are no rules! Let your child's creativity run wild. For some children, writing daily in a journal is a menial task. Creating a smashbook journal instead will make the task of journal writing more fun as they get to cut, paste and decorate to their heart's content.

December 28, 2022 — Tamra Merrill

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