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Februay 2023
Scrapbooking for Stress Relief

Scrapbooking is a wonderful hobby that has remained popular for decades among people of all ages. Not only is it a great way to preserve photos and memories into a beautiful keepsake that will last forever, but it is also a great stress reliever. We are big advocates for the benefits that come from scrapbooking, and in this blog post, we will share just a few of those with you. 


When scrapbooking, it is important to make mindful choices that will turn this hobby into a relaxing pastime instead of an additional stressor in your life. One way to achieve this is by keeping your supplies organized. With a designated place for everything to go, you will have a stress-free workplace. When taking time to scrapbook, make sure you designate that time for this specific activity. Plan a time during the day when you can ignore everything else and devote all of your attention to scrapbooking. To further reinforce a calming mood, try putting on a soothing playlist. Hopefully these choices can help you to begin thinking of your time spent scrapbooking as a break from the rest of your busy day.

Scrapbooking can be an excellent creative outlet. Research has shown that having a creative outlet can enhance cognitive performance, boost self-esteem, and even increase general happiness. You can put your attention on the activity at hand and block out the stress and problems of everyday life. Reflecting on the memories you are compiling will help you remember all the good times and appreciate all the wonderful people that are a part of those memories. 

Come July 1st we will be shipping ‘Let’s Create’, a class kit that utilizes Echo Park Lets Create paper. This kit was exclusively designed by Tamra Merrill. If crafting is your therapy, you will love this kit.

crafting is my therapy

scrapbooking is my therapy

Above all else, don't put pressure on yourself to produce flawless pages! Scrapbooking is all about capturing memories, so you shouldn't be down on yourself if you don't feel like you are creating masterpieces. Embrace your individual style and unleash your creativity. 

If you find yourself in a creative slump, try new methods, find inspiration from our blog and YouTube channel, or search for ideas from other scrapbookers. The goal is to have fun and enjoy it!

Join our Facebook Group to connect with our scrapbooker’s community. We often have giveaways, tutorials, and share news about upcoming classes. 

February 01, 2023 — Tamra Merrill
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