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One Day At A Time


Hello to our Country Craft Creations Family. As I write the word ‘FAMILY’, I think to myself yet again,  Wow! … How blessed are we? In these great times of uncertainty, fear, unmitigated fear and stress, I once again, in my life thank God for this outlet, for this comfort zone, for this safe haven.

I have been always believed that anything that comes to us, has reason.

I firmly believe, with all that I am, that God does not set us on paths of danger, but instead, he carries us through these dark, thorny roads. My faith is strong, and my faith is great, so times like these are easier on me, I think. My fear does not lead me, it usually never does, except of course when it comes to our children- for all reason becomes lost when our babies are sick, or in need.

I sit here today, at my desk, instead of on a sunny beach in Naples, Florida with my beloved family. I can sulk, I can question, or I can shake my head thats filled with whys. But, to what avail? Instead, my mind quickly thinks, what am I to learn from this? What did God shield me from by keeping me home? What is my lesson?

When I was teaching, there were literally 5 different major ways for me to get to school. Ninety-nine percent of the time, I took the same path. Often getting to school on auto pilot and never even remembering driving there when I stopped in the parking lot. But on some days, out of the blue, with no real thought, I went a different way. I would think for literally a split second, humm… why did I take the parkway instead of the streets today? But, without any more thought, my day would begin.

My faith tells me that God was driving that day, and he set me on that alternate route. Who knows why? Maybe he was saving me from an accident had I gone my regular way. Maybe my car needed to be in certain spot to help save someone else from danger? I think the same thing about unusual traffic. Although I’m usually not a happy camper when I hit it, there’s that little thought that always comes into my head- Why? Why am I being delayed going to certain spot? What I am one thousand percent sure of, though, is that I am not in control of these paths- I’m not the one driving really. Sometimes these ‘hijacked rides’ are smooth with beautiful scenery. Other times, the roads are laden with debris, storms, flooding and danger. I have to hold on tight, sometimes holding on to the steering wheel for dear life.

It’s pretty funny how a controlling person like me, can literally let it all go in these times, and actually be calm. Again, my faith kicks in and takes over, I guess.

Now, it’s easy for me to stay calm, and not let fear drive me. My parents, who would have been in their eighty’s, and very susceptible to this virus are no longer here for me to worry about,( and trust me..I'd rather be worrying about them now- its all about perspective). I’m retired and do not have to go into a public situation. Jimmy, my husband, although 65, who works in a very diverse, public, crowded situation, is healthy and smart, and he does have  his own office which I armed with Clorox and Lysol. My daughter is a concern right now, as she works in a small office with windows that do not open, and people who don’t seem overly concerned about their personal hygiene. But she is young, strong and armed with enough sanitizer to probably kill anything even trying to get near her. So, it’s much easier for me to stay calm, and keep my wits about me, then those who are dealing with the elderly, living paycheck to paycheck, and of course not healthy themselves, among all other serious complications.

We are living in a time right now of untraveled roads. Not knowing where they will lead, and what roadblocks we will come to. We are in this together, and perhaps that’s one of the silver innings that may come of it. Getting back to a time where we have to become more civil, more understanding, more patient, and simply more kind to each other. Perhaps people will start taking to each other face to face again instead of looking at their phones. Yesterday in the supermarket, I talked to three complete strangers- ( well if I’m being truthful, I would talk to a rock if it would listen, and I talk to strangers all the time, much to Jimmy’s chagrin)- but I saw so many people talking to each other- even laughing, and telling each other stories about the ridiculous toilet paper situation and craziness that has befallen us.

My faith tells me, hold on tight, God has this. Things happen for a reason, no matter how devastating our individual situations may be. For me, sitting in my peaceful living room with my beautiful statues and praying gives me such unmitigated solace. It carries me throughout the day. Where is your solace, where is your peaceful place? If you don't have one- make one. Choose your faithful symbol, picture, or joy to look at and pull serenity from. 


I’m very mindful of today’s media also. The supermarket, Target and Walmart are perfect examples of this. I’ve been to all those stores. ( and of course the Dollar Store and Hobby Lobby)  this weekend, and more. Everyone was seemingly calm, talking to each other, shaking their heads at a few of the empty shelves, telling each other where they just found the illusive rolled white gold. But, if I just listened to the media, and I see the the news showing an isolated, handful of cases where irrational, clearly deranged people are literally fist fighting for the white gold, I would be afraid to go out. Be mindful of the media spin.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, fear can be paralyzing- this I know, again, firsthand. We must try to find our calming zones where we can stop and find peace, even if just for an hour or two. One hour at a time, one day at a time, one month at time. Until this becomes another part of our history we will tell our children, grandchildren, and God willing, great children about one day. This will end. We will all be battered and bruised, but we will all have gotten through with the help of each other in each other in our magical place.


Tamra is up night and day sorting things, changing things, moving things, arranging things, and driving our crafting bus through many uneven roads. The retreats are foremost on her mind, and our safety, as well as our financial concerns, and her business. Sometimes we forget this is her livelihood, and I personally know she often forgets that also- trust me. She often runs with her heart rather than her business mind.

So, here we are. We are the lucky ones. Not only do we have each other, but we have an occupation that requires nothing really. We are makers! We all have stock piles of supplies at the ready! We all have paper, we all have glue- ( running out of AGG, come on- you have Elmer’s somewhere- or I know you neighbor does.) We have YouTube, and Country Craft Creations tutorials to keep us busy for years! Tammy’s new Farmhouse Project, (TO DIE FOR) and Craftology project will have me working so hard, the white gold will be coming out of my ears when done! My little Easter Dollar Tree is on this week’s list as I change over from St Patrick’s Day to Easter. And then there is always my nephew Wilbur to keep us entertained! I'm also going to try some of these crafts.......

We don’t even have to practice social distance- we hug all the time through this magical screen! We are so far ahead of everyone else.

So, grab onto your faith, hold it tight, really tight. Let’s grab onto each other, when the bumps on road jostle us and make our hearts jump out of our chests.

This is a journey, another uncontrollable destination in life. I know that when God closes one door- another will open, and my dear, dear friends- trust me- that new door often leads to new wisdom, learning, and surprising gifts.

This is the best time to record life. Grab some paper and write.. Write about the news today, your situation, your feelings, DOCUMENT your life.... its cathartic, it's important. It may change someone else life in the future. 

I will be back later with another surprise raffle and prize in honor of St Patrick's Day! Stay tuned!! She gave men free reign !! I caught her off guard right off a nap!!! WHAHOOOOOOO!!!!!


With Faith and Joy,








March 16, 2020 — Sallie Phelan



Jetstaism said:

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Sigavaids said:

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Crystal said:

May I be welcomed here? The posts feel like a warm room full of soft blankets and love. Ms.Sallie I thank you! You were recommended to me for your tutorials , yet I find so much more. This mom needs a place to rest here heart and craft . Bless you all.


Leona said:

Sallie….what a beautiful post about your faith and a lesson some should follow.
BUT WAIT A MINUTE…I will NOT find a new craft with toilet paper like you pictured. It is worth its weight in “white gold”. And if anyone has taken to baking, its crazy…not a 5lb bag of King Arthur Flour can be found.
Be safe Be Well

Annette McCarty

Annette McCarty said:

Sallie, knowing your heart even though we haven’t met in person makes me realize why I have loved you since we first came to recognize each other. Isn’t the crating world internet a wonderful gift from God to us. And I am thankful for having come to know you and so glad that you are spreading the message that love and try to live. So if I am hugging you with my heart.

Annette McCarty

Annette McCarty said:

Sallie, knowing your heart even though we haven’t met in person makes me realize why I have loved you since we first came to recognize each other. Isn’t the crating world internet a wonderful gift from God to us. And I am thankful for having come to know you and so glad that you are spreading the message that love and try to live. So if I am hugging you with my heart.

Teresa Elliott

Teresa Elliott said:

I would risk life and limb for ya sister. Or anyone of you . . Family is everything and we are family

Sherry Maxwell

Sherry Maxwell said:

Sallie, WOW! How inspiring🥰 Thank you for your words. Yes God has this… He is the one driving this… sometimes we may not know what is ahead or in store, but we rest a sure or heavy Father does.
Thank you sooo much I really needed these words. Prayers to ALL of CCC stay well and stay safe. Love you guys ❤️


Linda said:

Sallie what an inspiration you are, a calm voice in what is at the moment a mad world. Have you ever read any of Barbara Brown Taylor ‘s books ? If not go immediately and get a copy of An Altar in The World – you and she are on the same page !! As for toilet paper ……. words fail me. Mind you I confess I did panic buy – another pot of glue and 2 packs of plain white card. I’m going to be ahead with my Christmas cards this year. Love to all my American craft friends from me in England stay safe xxx

Beverly S Barker

Beverly S Barker said:

I love reading your posts. It makes me really think about my faith sometimes. God is Great

Diann Weier

Diann Weier said:

Very nice Sallie……… yes …… God is in control. Pray for everyone’s safety but not in panic mode.

Pamela Romano-Strickland

Pamela Romano-Strickland said:

Well said Sallie…Beautiful Post

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