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More Ideas for Your Stash Projects

Last week we discussed a few ways to use up some or your stash in a few fun easy projects. Here are three new ways to use up those supplies. Don't be afraid to dig into your stash and use what you have. Don't keep waiting for that “someday” to come along to use that special item you have been saving. Using stashed items is a good way to overcome creative blocks and practice freeform creativity. 


A needle book can be easily made with scraps of felt and fabric. In the above example, a combination of paper, fabric, felt and ribbon was used. If you like to embroider, making a needle book is a good way to keep track of your supplies. It is a great way to store needles safely. The needlebook can also be a great option to transport projects if you like to work on the couch while watching a show. 

Swatch Book

Do you have a stash of notebooks and journals lying around? Creating a swatch book is a great way to keep track of supplies. You can create a swatch of your stamps. You can also create swatches of washi tapes. A book is easy to flip through to see what you have on hand rather than digging through a basket of colored tapes. You can also take the books with you shopping to avoid purchasing duplicate items. You can also create swatches of paints, thread colors, markers, and pencils.

Embroidery Thread

If you have a collection of embroidery thread consider using it to freshen up your wardrobe. Experiment embroidering on the collar of a sweater or the pocket of your jeans.This can create a beautiful handmade touch to your closet. You can also embroider on tote bags, purses, kitchen towels, and hot pads. 

No matter how you choose to bust your stash, choose to cultivate your creativity. Don't be afraid to create and have fun. Experimentation can help you stretch your creative muscles. You might even find a new technique or project that you fall in love with!

June 06, 2022 — Tamra Merrill

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