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Februay 2023
Laughter, Thought , Great Emotions

December Daily and from Disney!! I did a live earlier today explaining today's daily you only have to watch the beginning of it -the rest of it is kind of me just showing kind a little bit 0f epcot and doing my usual dizzying talking !!

This quote was the inspiration for today's blog and it focuses on three words. Just write with your heart - see what thoughts come to you after you read it.  

I personally know the importance of laughter, I thank God for the gift of a sense of humor and the love of a good joke. I love when I check my messages or I look on my Facebook wall and I see a post from Tamra because I know a belly laugh is coming and I mean a belly laugh!

As for emotions I've never had a hard time with those - I  cry at the drop of a hat when something moves me, when I am filled with extreme joy or overcome with sadness of course.

But I love this quote because I focused on - emotions- being moved to tears from incredible joy. On the live yesterday I spoke about my daughter, and how she made it through the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom. Needless to say I was moved to tears from what I consider a miraculous joy. My daughter hasn't been able to stay in the park for the fireworks for several years now because of terrible anxiety and panic attacks. For a Disney family like us who have been coming here since she's six months old and almost every year there after - to see her be so frightened that she can't remain in our happy place is heartbreaking to me. So watching her fight everything in her head that was telling her to run, and see her use every tool she has to remain and make it through ,was incredible.She was so overcome with emotion that she was moved to tears of joy As the music and the words coming out of those speakers engulfed  her.

And so is the magic of Disney, these particular fireworks with those particular words almost as if they knew she would be standing there - it was as if they created this spectacular just for her.- needless to say it brought that quote into a new reality for me.-

I hope these words make give you pause to think and perhaps those thoughts will bring you to Joyful tears, and laughter ! 
with joy

Sallie !!

December 20, 2019 — Sallie Phelan

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