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Welcome to July!!

I love the early days of July when it is still cool in the morning and all the windows and doors can be open. Then the air conditioner kicks on, doors close and off to the studio I go!

Today I want to talk about how my scrapbooking has evolved over the years. I have come to realize that we go thru phases of crafting during our lives. The first one for me was the EXCITEMENT phase! I had found paper, scissors and glue as an adult and was now free to create with them as I wished. No teacher telling me to cut a straight line, color inside the box etc... I was now going to make these lovely scrapbooks for each of my children to have when they became parents themselves. Baby # 1 I was off to a good start. Even baby #2 I was doing pretty good. Baby #3 got about 15 pages, then I realized with 3 kids, they were going to be lucky to have a picture taken!  Baby #4 got a birth announcement!!  No, really I did get a few pages of him done. Then the kids grew and life became extremely busy with a house full of teenagers that the scrapbook supplies were packed away for a less busy time. When we are a young and growing family you don't think about how important it is to keep it going,  you just know you have NO time!

That's what brings us to today. The kids are grown, families of there own. I did get a little bit of a scrapbook made for the 1st grand. I did get lots of pictures. But with an empty house, time on my hands it was time to bring out the supplies!! 

That is where I am today. The Golden Years of Scrapbooking as I call them. Golden because now, all I have for disruptions most of the time is Wilbur my Beagle, the other dogs and hubby. Oh, I see the grands often but they too are getting all settled into their friends, boyfriends, all the things young pre teens and teens should do. 

But with this phase of scrapbooking I have seen it be more than just a craft. I have seen crafters who were lonely, sad, looking for a purpose become excited and happy because they have either learned a new craft, took the dive and pulled out their old supplies and started in again. The once empty bedroom has now become a scrapcave! Full of wonderful memories, finished and unfinished crafts and mess!!  What can I say, the mess comes with the room.  But in all seriousness, I have found in my 50's that I have found new life long friendships thru the world of crafting. Friends that are now a big part of my life and always will be. The greatest joy is when I hear from someone that they were sad or depressed and because of the work we do as a team at Country Craft Creations they are no longer sitting around depressed but actively putting their minds and hands to work! That is the greatest compliment I can ever receive. 

If you have found that crafting has made a change in your life, not just your wallet! LOL Be sure to spread that joy and love to others.

Until next time, Happy crafting :)  

July 02, 2019 — Tamra Merrill

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