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January Joy!

Hi Everybody! Sorry for the long absence. Vacation, acute bronchitis, and an illness in the family has kept me pretty much out of the loop. Hopefully the blogs will be more consistent now!


Tamra has been back in full gear after the craziness of the holidays, new lines being delivered and Holiday cleanup!  Thank goodness the lives are back and have already begun! Oh that Valentine Project! I cant wait to get my paper!!

Here are Reminders and links for her live shows. They are twice a week. First, on Tuesday on Authentique's Facebook page @ 6pm MST.

And second, on Thursday on her YouTube Channel at 6pm MST. Don't forget to hit the Subscribe Button and click the bell so you will be notified when she goes live!


For the rest of January, she is focusing on the Authentique Valentine Day Project we started in December. It is so awesome. I love anything with a box and feet! I also love just being able to add as you go. This box will hold the folios we are making each Tuesday throughout the rest January. Tamra, as well as most of us love to craft with anything that has that nostalgic feel, and nothing screams more nostalgia than Authentique Love Notes.


I so enjoyed working on the December Daily. Digging deep, memories being jogged that possibly would have stayed hidden in my feeble mind and experiencing the month of December from a different perspective was wonderful for me as I hope it was for you. Thank you for following and sending me such sweet messages. That type of 'nourishing the soul' with memories and personal thoughts and feelings should be an ongoing thing throughout the year.


The crafting spirit and giving that we all feel in December should be year round. The best part of our  Country Craft Creations world is that we don't need to give expensive store bought gifts to family, friends and each other. We can make anything from a simple card to a book. Just a quick "Hi, I'm Thinking of you" Now I’m that I’m finally feeling better, I will talk to Tammy about it. Perhaps a Gratitude Journal as I mentioned and definitely a Heritage one that Tamra is going to create.


Watching everyone give and receive so many generous and loving gifts this month through swaps, or just out of gratitude was humbling. It brings such joy to so many, especially those who may only have this family to love and cherish.  Here is a link to the Facebook Swap Café where you can join different events for gifting and receiving! Tamra works really hard creating and organizing these swaps- check then out, you will love it.

You can also share in the joy all year long. We also have the Happy Mail Craft groups forming.


Here's a little challenge for the rest of the month- How many can you complete? 


Have a great week everyone! Love you!









January 09, 2020 — Sallie Phelan



Diann said:

Love the list❤️❤️❤️ And yes it’s a blessing to be In this group …


Pamela said:

Nicely said…

Karen Welch

Karen Welch said:

What a great list Sallie!! As always I loved your post and am working my way through the New Years resolutions I made. So far so good!
God Bless

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