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INTENTIONS/ Last December Daily of 2019



I’ve never been much good at keeping a New Year’s resolution. As with many things that require a long-term commitment, (other than love, family, friends, pets, and my job), I start out strong and then poop out pretty fast!

I also am not very good with failure and knowing that my resolutions usually don’t materialize- I stopped making them. I also don’t do well with the superficial- i.e. weight loss, exercise, keeping the house clean for extended periods of time, etc. But as I started working on this blog on New Year’s Eve, my mind kept going toward the quintessential New Year’s resolution. I did a little research, and did you know; “By the second week of February, some 80% of those resolution-ers are back home with a new kind of remorse staring them back in the mirror( U.S. News & World Report).

I probably could have written that article!


As I continued to dig for ways to keep my resolutions, I came across I an article about setting intentions. Although a resolution and an intention are fairly similar, I found that there was a difference to me. A resolution has a ‘demand’ type of tone in my mind. Its firm, and almost set in stone as you make it. Mine usually starts with, ‘This year I really will…….la la la la ’.


Whereas, to me, an intention is more of an attitude, a positive mindset without pressure. To me, an intention is a work in progress, a promise to do better in whatever. It’s not a sharp, defined, do it or die kind of thing.

Listen, I know one thing for sure. We are all good people. I try so hard to be a good, loving, giving person. But I am fully aware that I am human, and I make mistakes- sometimes life changing mistakes. But, none of us set out thinking- I’m going to do something that will eventually hurt the people I love, or I’m going to do something selfish, irresponsible, or uncaring. I know that if I hurt anyone, it was without malice or intent. I didn’t realize at the time, what the effects of my probably selfish actions, or actions due to personal loss or stress would create. And I often will think this way when I get hurt. I think to myself, what is that person going through, what has happened in his or her life to act this way? Am I saying, its Ok for people to be mean? No- I’m just saying, I wonder why. I also believe, some people have been through so much, that they do become bitter and cold. How sad is that?

The other thing I do know for sure is that you need God to keep you from becoming closed up in your own world of pain and sorrow. Prayer is a powerful force my friends- prayer has saved this little soul for sure on many occasions.


So, for me, my intention is not to be a better person, because I really believe I am a good person, a good human person. But, for one,  I could pick up the telephone more and check in with family and friends on a more consistent basis. That has always been a resolution of me. I hate talking on the phone, I really hate it. I would much rather see you in person, go out to eat, shop, anything face to face. I don’t know what it is about the phone- but I’m not good at it- and I know I’ve probably hurt people because of it, and for that I am sorry. Intentional? Of course not, - but I need to work on it for sure. And yes... I am aware that the phone works both ways…. but we can’t get caught up in that kind thinking, or perhaps we will become bitter and hopefully not lose the people who are important to us.

I feel with an intention, I can channel my energy into what I want to achieve over this year, instead of – tonight at 12am I am going to … la, la, la ,la ,la.

There should be no pressures with this. Intentions are intrinsic goals we set to make our lives happier and to continue to live this very short life with meaning and purpose. They are reminders that we ourselves, need love, respect, empathy and kindness as much as we seek to give out. We need balance. The intention of balance is probably the hardest to achieve, because many of us live our lives doing for others. Feeling guilty that we took a day to craft instead of going to the park with our child, we took a half day to craft instead of cooking a 3-course dinner.


We need to be able to bring  in Chinese food, and know it was Ok because we took time for ourselves. As long we know that our children and family are being taken care of, we need to allow ourselves time to feed our souls with whatever it takes to keep us grounded and happy. Oprah always tried to drill that thought into her shows- moms need to care about themselves she would say. We are better moms and people when our souls are fulfilled and happy and we have fed our own minds and desires.


So, I hope one of your intentions this year will be to give yourself some space, some patience, some love. If we do start straying from our intentions-we simply can readjust, set a new course, and continue the journey toward the end goal.


For the last December Daily of 2019. Go ahead and set your intention / intentions. Maybe it’s just a word at the top of the page. Balance- Time- Family- Nurture. If you can’t think of your word- try looking back at our dailies, which I hope helped you think about yourself this holiday season. It was my goal to have this December Daily be more than just a list of favorite cookies, favorite movies, presents you gave and received, Etc. I wanted it to be a journey, a journey of you documenting your life in December, your thoughts, and a peek into your soul for future generations to embrace. This journey should’ve been happy, fun, thought provoking messy, perhaps sad at a times, but filled with hope and truth.

To find your intentions perhaps think of a challenge you want to overcome, a virtue you want more of in your life, a passion you have that you need to start to fulfill. Perhaps you need to trust yourself more, speak up more, focus more. Perhaps the top of your page might say dance more, write more, create more, laugh more. What will make you smile more? Try not to let anger, bitterness, or mistakes effect your intentions- for those are dangerous roadblocks. Your intentions will get muddled and they will lose the peace that this New Year wants to bring.

We are actually ahead of the game for 2020. We have each other, we have Tamra and the entire Country Craft Creations family to keep us focused, centered, happy. This world sees our creativity, it helps us to remember to take time for ourselves- that it’s OK to create that book or sit in on a live class and listen to Tamra inspire us and make us laugh.


I can’t wait to see what 2020 brings for each of us, especially the retreats and the places we will encounter on these journeys. Tamra has laid out the road for our journeys. This road is paved with the greatest of intentions – fun, joy, friendship, respect, love, and of course creativity. Oh… and we can’t forget our friend Wilbur who gives us the best belly laughs!

Upcoming Fun! 


Here is the link to Tamra's new video series on creating a beginner scrapbook. Not only is this a fantastic resource , I feel it would make a great gift to give someone who may be wanting to join this community or just start documenting their lives. You can wrap up a beautiful set of papers from Tammy store and attach the link to this video series. I know anyone would love this gift.


ALASKA CRUISE 2021 !!!!!!!! Im coming back with a baby seal- you wont want to miss this!!! 


On behalf of the entire country Crafts Creations family, we wish all of you the absolute most amazing, sensational, and peaceful New Year filled with the best of health, and love. May God bless each of you and your entire family.

December 31, 2019 — Sallie Phelan



ugusaecew said:

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sallie said:

Linda Elliot- Thank you so much Linda….I have printed these words and am adding to my nest grateful journal you fill my heart!

Linda Elliott

Linda Elliott said:

Dear Sallie, l had started going down the road of Intentions in early December when l took 10 days out of a busy life to get over a heavy cold and to allow myself the time to think. Your post encapsulated all that l was thinking and felt like a word from God to say l had set off on the right path. Thank you for taking the time to write it and being an earth angel ! Happy New Year :-) x

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