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How to Keep a Garden Journal

Keeping a garden journal is such a sweet joy! Garden journals are perfect for the avid gardener and even the newbie gardener. Having a garden journal allows you to go out into the garden and ditch gardening apps and gardening computer programs. There is just something so magical about walking out into your garden with your garden tools in tow and your garden journal in hand! Gardening is a wonderful way to disconnect from the hubbub and enter into your special place.

garden journal paper


What to put in a garden journal

Here are some fun ideas of what to put in your garden journal:

  • Sketches of your garden layout so you don’t forget what got planted where
  • Germination and maturity dates so you know when to harvest
  • Pictures of your garden for proud reminiscing 
  • Successes and failures to always improve your gardening techniques
  • Dates you planted and weather conditions to gauge best times to plant for next year
  • Expenses and receipts for next year’s budgeting 
  • Watering and fertilizing schedules so you know what works
  • Wildlife sightings, for fun of course! 


Vintage Farmhouse Garden


Garden Journal Supplies

To have a successful garden journal, you will need garden journal pages, covers, stencils, and stickers. At Country Craft Creations we have a Garden Craft Collection to make your garden journal possible! Stencils are necessary for drawing the layout of your garden, cute tags make it possible to label sections, stickers make it FUN, and die cuts make it YOU. 


Vintage Farmhouse Garden


Why keep a garden journal

Keeping a garden journal is ideal to connect intimately with nature! There are so many benefits to gardening- just being out in the sunshine, harvesting your own fruits and vegetables, and learning how the wonderful world works. Try experimenting with your garden journal. Add fun paperclips, secret folds, book cutouts, different paper textures and inserts. Be sure to join our Facebook Group for any upcoming journal classes.


What is your favorite garden journal accessory? 


June 23, 2021 — Tamra Merrill
Tags: Garden Journal



Jill said:

I am totally making a garden journal, because I love to garden!

Camille Deal

Camille Deal said:

I never would’ve thought to do this! What a cute idea.

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