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Have You Heard the News!?

Have you heard the news? Country Craft Creations has been keeping a big secret. The cat is out of the bag and we are proud to announce that we are getting a store front!

Tamra, the owner of Country Craft Creations, has been crafting for 25+ years. She started paper crafting when her youngest was in kindergarten. A new neighbor moved into her neighborhood and brought over her scrapbooking supplies. The neighbor got Tamra started by sorting pictures and showing her how to index all of her kids’ school pictures chronologically for their scrapbooks. Tamra describes her crafting style as “very straightforward”. It is more on the clean and simple side. Her most favorite style is retro and vintage.

The team at Country Craft Creations, wanted to give all of her customers the inside scoop into Tamra’s lifelong dream of owning a store front. 

Read on to see Tamra’s answers on this fun Q & A!


Q: What was your inspiration for the name Country Craft Creations?

A: I grew up in the country and my husband grew up on a family farm. We both love animals  and we’ve always owned dogs, goats, horses, and chickens, which I consider mostly mine. This country-living influence inspired me to add “Country” into our name. I wanted to keep that country feel in all that I did, so that when people are shopping for Country Craft Creation’s paper, their imagination takes them away to the front porch with a glass of sweet tea, kids playing in the grass, and dogs barking down the country lane. Country Craft Creations is more than a name, it is a feeling of homegrown hospitality, it's a place where crafters come together to share their projects, and to make friends.   


Q: When did Country Craft Creations open online?  

A:  In 2014, the online shop opened initially as a blog. I was just selling basic supplies for scrapbooking. In 2015, selling basic supplies started to take off, and the website for online shopping officially opened. 


Q: Why did you start an online store? 

A: A Lot of scrapbook stores had started to close around the time I started my online store. I was really wanting to open a brick and mortar, but worried about the closures I’d seen taking place. So, I started with the website to reach people who lived the country life- those who lived too far away from a craft store to drive. 


Q: Will the online store still be open? 

A: The online store will continue. Nothing will change with our online shopping. We just can’t express how fun it will be to see our recurring online shoppers and crafters in-person. Our hope with our store is to get to know the local community better and also meet crafters passing through. 


Q: What inspired you to open a brick & mortar store?

A: I am a strong believer of following your gut instincts and connecting to your purpose through a lot of prayer. I never move forward with anything without a lot of prayer. My inspiration came when I was feeling like there is a next step for Country Craft Creations, however I couldn’t put my finger on that next-step, so I waited until it felt right. The moment came the week of my birthday when I felt nudged to go look at this new building being built in the next town over. There was no rhyme or reason to go see this building, I had no intentions, but when I pulled up to it, the lease sign was out front, and I couldn’t help but call the company. Within hours, my gut told me, this is right, it is time. 

Country Craft Creations will be more than a store, it will be a place to bring crafters together. We all need a sense of community and a fun place to go to make friends. And, of course, crafters will be able to come and find that one of a kind scrapbook meant just for them.


Q: What are you looking forward to with a physical location?

A: I am looking forward to meeting people in person. Having that personal customer relationship is really important to me. I am looking forward to having onsite classes and even bringing in our own design team to teach these classes. 


Q: When is there a time frame for the store planning to open?

A: The building is brand-new and some construction has to happen. I am hoping for mid May 2022, or sooner!

Keep an eye out on social media for the latest announcements for the store opening!

March 25, 2022 — Tamra Merrill



Debbie said:

So very happy to hear you are opening up a store. Not many of them left anymore. In what state are you in?
I am in Canada but have a sister who lives in NC. All the very best. Love watching your videos. Especially loved the lay flat cover tutorial last year. Thank you so much for your on-going creations that you share with us.


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