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Get to know me and Country Craft Creations

I decided to take this time to get a little personal and introduce myself. I know that many of you have followed me on this wonderful crafting journey for 5+ years,  it occurred to me that I have never really gone down the road of telling you a little about me.

I was raised in Utah, but traveled to my father's farm in Missouri every summer until I was 10. He was in the Navy and now worked at the Air Force base in Utah. Even with the distance he still helped my grandma mange the farm back in Missouri.

My mother is from Iowa, so you can now see where my love of country and farmhouse style come from. Growing up I always loved being around the farm animals and high corn fields.

I have a very crafty mother. She loved to sew and that is where my love of all crafting was born. She was always sewing or creating and I wanted to be just like here. 

Before finally settling into the world of crafting full time, I tried many different things. First was the Army, then nursing, motherhood and finally, I settled into early childhood education. I know! Talk about not knowing what you want to be when you grow up. I actually knew from the early age of 5. The first time with scissors in kindergarten, my love for cutting paper was born!  It's funny how some of our early childhood comes back to taunt us ! :)  Well, here I am settled into the scrapbooking world and loving every minute of it.

I live in a small town that is quickly growing, unfortunately that makes me a little sad.These days everyone wants a little bit of the country in their own back yard. I have a little piece of land that still gives me that country feel. That is where the name Country Craft Creations came from. Country meaning to me is simple, uncomplicated and easy to do. That is the theory I use when creating projects.  Yes, I could go all there and make complicated, tear falling, hair pulling projects, but then, the fun is gone!

Country Creating for me means from the heart. I spent lots of complicated moments pulling my hair out and tears falling, that is when I realized I was not alone. Hence, the simple tutorials of cultivating creativity was born! I wanted to make lots of beautiful books to store all the precious memories of the black and white photos that I have sitting in boxes. And, I wanted you to be able to do the same thing, regardless of being a beginner who has never touched chipboard, to an expert who could take my projects and turn them into anything they dream of. 

Along with my three dogs, Bagel, Journey and the newest member Wilbur we create in my studio most days. Wilbur, as many of you have met thru my Facebook lives and YouTube tutorials does steal the show. He was a dream for me. I had always wanted a beagle but believed in rescue. I couldn't find a rescue beagle here in Utah. My husband finally said, if you want a puppy get one! That was all it took and Wilbur was found! It was like going back and having a newborn.But I wouldn't trade him for the world. 

Well, this ended up being really long but I have enjoyed telling you little about me.  I could share so much with you but then it would cut into your crafting time! 

Until next time, happy crafting!

June 27, 2019 — Tamra Merrill


Jan Shore

Jan Shore said:

Isn’t the journey amazing! I imagine only a few of us jumped right to a childhood dream, perhaps passing through many “careers” along the way. What ever the journey, whatever the “season” of our lives, we are here now, together,in a group, become a gift, you have created and cultivated. I am late to crafting, I did not know I had any aptitude, always busy in my “real” (?) career. But life brought me to this place and I am so grateful for it.

Nicole Womble

Nicole Womble said:

How fun to know more about you, Tamra! Being a child educator explains your patience and working around “oopsies”. ;-)
Were you a paper shredder? (With your newfound scissors?)

I grew up military (army) and married into military (navy). Did you get to do any traveling?

Thank you for keeping the scrapping world tear free and for your encouraging words on posts. :-) You are such a blessing!

Judy (Stull) Letz

Judy (Stull) Letz said:

I was born and raised in Wisconsin and when I was in the 6th grade we moved to Michigan. In October of 1957 my parents moved us to Texas as my dad got a job there. I was a senior in high school and because of moves I attended three different schools in my senior year. I meet this guy in church and we were married in 1958. In 1959 my parents, my sister and my brother moved back to Wisconsin. In my early years of growing up my favorite thing to play with was paper dolls and coloring in color books. I loved all of my pretty movies stars paper dolls and the beautiful clothes they had. Each thing had to be cut out with a scissors and I thought I was in seventh heaven when I could get a new book of paper dolls. As I grew older my crafts were embroidery, counted cross stitch, crochet, sewing, and quilting. About 20 years ago I got my first computer and I would go to the POGO website and play bingo in a chat room. That is where my friendship started with Pat, my cyber sister. She is the one that got me started playing with paper. She got me started with making cards and altering books. I learned teabag folding, iris folding, paper embroidery, and rubber stamping. I joined various Yahoo groups and did a lot of swaps. Then one day I came across CCC and begin learning to make albums. Many times Tammy would get a call or a message from me that I needed help with something. She was very patient with me and always helped me. Thank you Tammy and all of you other ladies that share and teach us all of the beautiful things we can create. I have got some things going on in my life at this time and I cant create and swap, but hopefully one day very soon I can do swaps once again.

Sallie Phelan

Sallie Phelan said:

I found you through Brenda, and in an instant my life was changed. I thought I found a mentor and teacher of scrapbooks… But what I really found was a long lost sister, traveling companion , GIFer war opponent and ball full of laughs and love- talk about hitting the jackpot ! I adore you and the incredible world you have created .

Karen Welch

Karen Welch said:

What a lovely biography! Like many of us you had to go through the phases of life to find your calling! When I was in college and high school I lived in the art department and knew from the day my mom took a substantial number of my crayola stash away from me I was doomed to love crayons and scissors and paper forever! It’s nice to know I am not the only one that started with the basic three!! My first big project was to color the inside of my closet like a jungle picture in my Golden Book. My second was to paint the side of our garage with a mural of the state capitol building ! My parents were not impressed!
Personally I love the fact that the tutorials are left pretty much non-frufru. That leaves each of us to add our own touch and signature to the projects! Thank you\

Diann Weier

Diann Weier said:

I’ve been following Tamra since I saw the saucy folio and I wanted to make one so bad…… it was my second project I ever made …. and loved it … I made two of them… since then I’ve made many of the projects from CCC…..and will continue…….this wonderful group…….. now being retired I have the time if you have the project❤️❤️❤️

Janice Wilkes

Janice Wilkes said:

It’s so nice to hear your story. You have such a kind and thoughtful personality. I have enjoyed making all your wonderful tutorials with all your wonderful products. It’s a pleasure to know you. 😊

Robin Shinabarger

Robin Shinabarger said:

Thank you for your story! Now please do Part 2 and tell us the history of Country Craft Creations! Thank you!

Tc Fergus

Tc Fergus said:

Thanks for sharing your story, creativity, and shop with me. I adore our group of crafters, and have learned so much from all of you. Blessed to call you a friend.

Christina Aubin

Christina Aubin said:

Thanks so much for your story and especially for emphasizing that our projects don’t have to be complicated or difficult to be beautiful!

Carol Long

Carol Long said:

Thank you for your story… I enjoyed reading it and it’s nice to know how you where you get your inspiration. Thank you for all you share with us as well!

Carol Buffington

Carol Buffington said:

Thank you for the insight into your background. As you can tell from the projects I have shared on FB I gravitate to the other end of the spectrum, with over the top floral, girly, lacey designs. That is why I enjoy your projects so much, they are adaptable to whatever style you choose to make them. Your FB groups are a breath of fresh country air in a hectic world. Hugs !!!

Brenda Crouch

Brenda Crouch said:

Well that explains our connection……….gosh you could’ve been telling my life (to an extent)…I was never a nurse ..except when doctoring the kids and hubs, and have done many things as far as working, but my love has always been with paper and scissors. I loved paperdolls, cutting and creating, but never played with them. Truth be known I realized later in life I wish I would’ve became a lawyer, honestly. Oh well……………at any rate, I love your history Tammy, and love that we have become so close, I will always consider you my sister and bff!!!

Sherry Bamsey

Sherry Bamsey said:

From an Iowa born and raised girl, thank you for sharing. I miss my Iowa green grass and seasons as now living in Arizona

Dolores Tyndall

Dolores Tyndall said:

Know exactly how you feel as I farm myself. It’s such an honour to be part of this group and I thank you for that and such a lovely bunch of lady followers always ready for fun keep up the good work

Sandy Trefger

Sandy Trefger said:

Enjoyed reading your story! Happy Crafting!! :)

Nelly Reyes

Nelly Reyes said:

It is a lovely story, thank you for sharing it and for your kindness to share your beautiful creations. Blessings. ❤️

connie schramm

connie schramm said:

It is one thing to be a great teacher, it is another to be a great person and you are. Hugs hun


Patsy said:

You have taught me so much in the past few years. You showed me it is ok to cut into all those beautiful papers in my stash and where to replenish said stash . Thank you for sharing your story and keeping paper crafting simple.

Gaylen Ann Flynn

Gaylen Ann Flynn said:

Thank you for sharing. I’ve been following you for just a short time, however, the work that is shown is incredible. While I do mostly traditional scrapbooks. Creating my own scrapbook, cover, spine and all is new to me and I’m enjoying it. This adds to what I’m able to create. Your talent is greatly valued and appreciated. Blessings on you and your team.

Sandy Thompson

Sandy Thompson said:

Thank you for sharing your story. I love the time we get to spend together. I’ve learned so much, I thank you for all you do. I love hearing about Wilbur. Thank you again.

Kandis Andrews

Kandis Andrews said:

Thanks for sharing that Tamra. Although I am from the UK and cannot purchase anything from your store I always appreciate your generosity in allowing me to join and take advantage of your brilliant tutorials. I started my mini album journey watching Laura’s tutorials which is how I found you and your tutorials. Thank you and your talented design team, I have learnt so much and continue to learn so much.

Brenda R Galway

Brenda R Galway said:

Hi Tamra – Thank you for sharing a little bit of your story with all of us. I haven’t been with CCC for very long, but I so enjoy all that you bring to us and taking the time to share with us through your weekly shows.

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