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First Day of School Flip Book

The kids are back to school. It's likely that you jumped on the bandwagon and took lots of photos of your kids going back to school and then posted them on social media. You may have even got a pop up from Facebook sharing the first day of school pictures from last year. 

The first day of school is documented just as much as first proms and first dates. You probably have a surplus of pictures of all of your kids' first day of school. Who doesn’t?

So now the question is what to do with all of those pictures?

You must make a first day of school flip book for each of your kids. The first day of school scrapbooks should showcase their growth throughout the grades year-by-year. This could be one of the most cherished scrapbooks they have.

Each page could feature the grade, what they were most excited about, who their teacher was, and what phase they were going through that year. Spiderman lunch boxes? Emo or gothic? Princess tutu skirts? Self-discovery and experimenting throughout the years is all a part of the journey. You could also consider highlighting their strengths, struggles, and dreams for the future. Documenting what is going on in the world as they go back-to-school is also a good tool for reflection in the years to come.  It’s amazing all that we survive, every year that goes by!

If your kids have already graduated, you have a lot of work to do! If your kids are still in school, be sure to make your book flexible so you can easily add to it every year. 

Country Craft Creations has plenty of back-to-school themed paper, journaling cards, and die cuts. Get started with their first day of school flip books today.

September 01, 2021 — Tamra Merrill


Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson said:

How and where do I find the back to school paper and other stuff you mentioned above?

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