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Februay 2023
DIY Travel Diary

Exploration is craved by most of us. We long to travel and see what beauty that the world has to offer. Dreamy thoughts of Rome, Hawaii, and Switzerland keep us up at night. What would it be like to plan a trip to Singapore or the Bahamas? Sigh. 

Creating a DIY travel diary and documenting the travels is easier than you think. Of course at Country Craft Creations we have Travel Albums to get you crafting. To get started here are 25 things to include your Travel Album:

  1. Sticky notes 

  2. Napkins 

  3. Postcards 

  4. Travel tickets 

  5. Photographs 

  6. Tourist maps & brochures

  7. Paper shopping bags 

  8. Flowers, shells, grasses, etc.

  9. Candy wrappers

  10. Business cards

  11. Museum, art gallery, movie & theatre tickets

  12. Menus from restaurants and cafes

  13. Flattened bottle caps

  14. A little watercolor painting of something you saw

  15. Luggage tags

  16. Drawing or sketches from the kids

  17. Wine/beer/liquor/water bottle labels

  18. Entries of what you did, saw, and felt

  19. Sand from the beach (place in a small plastic or glassine bag)

  20. Money (small coins and denominations of foreign currency)

  21. Rubbings of interesting textures (graves, plaques, etc.)

  22. Receipts 

  23. Pens, flyers, and other promotional materials

  24. Souvenirs, beads, and other do dads 

  25. Coffee or beer coasters 

Even if you are traveling locally and can’t make a big trip, try making a Day in The Life album of sorts. You can get ideas from the same list above! 

Everything changes in no time at all and your great grand babies would love to see what a Day in The Life was like for you. Where did you eat? Where did you go to see the show? What attractions were nearby-- a zoo? A park? Country Craft Creations has all the Travel Paper you ever need. 

July 22, 2021 — Tamra Merrill


Kris Gery

Kris Gery said:

Great ideas. Making one for my sister who travels a lot.

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