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Februay 2023
Crafting is creating memories.

Hello!  I just wanted to jump on here and give a big shout out and thank you to the new Creative Designer for Country Craft Creations!  Sallie Phelan!  Sallie has blessed Country Craft Creations not just in her writings but in her overall presence at CCC.  I choose the featured image of myself with 3 other cherished ladies of CCC.  These are only 3!  There are a ton more on our design team, teaching team and our customers. Every single one of you are an important part or our journey. Over the next little while, Sallie will be introducing you to them, thru her writings.

Sallie is pictured to the far right, then me, my glasses are dark, Brenda from our design team and Bonnie on the left. If you have attend a CCC retreat you have meet these fabulous ladies long with some of our other designers. 

My mission for CCC is to create an atmosphere of love and support. Our crafting community is so much more than just paper and glue. We are held together with Glitter Glue!!  :)  Our goal is to create with you projects that you can enjoy putting together with no special effects needed. Quick projects that you can hand out as happy mail or random acts of kindness. And of course, the memory albums that will hold all the pictures that you take along your life journey.  

Created my one of our customers, Faunna, for Booing her neighbors.

Just one of the many ways the projects we creating are blessing others. 

Kara, using the print out in the September Craftology Box to Boo her friends. It is little things like this that make scrapbooking so much more than just paper and pictures. It's about creating memories. 

I know you are all going to love the journey Sallie takes us on. It is what CCC is all about. Memories, love and friendships. I can't wait  for her next post, I will have coffee in hand, and I know a smile on my face, maybe a tear or two. 

But one thing is for sure, just like scrapbooking, we are creating memories thru the times we spend together creating. Thank you Sallie, Design Team, Teaching Team and of course Wilbur.   

October 26, 2019 — Tamra Merrill


Sallie phelan

Sallie phelan said:

Thank you my chosen sister- i am so very humbled and blessed to be in your world and have this opportunity! It is my goal to Bring another facet to CCC, and spread its joy! If we bring everybody some laughter, a smile and maybe a tear , well That’s the icing on the cake!

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