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Christmas Treasures

'Christmas is a Togethery SORT OF Holiday', said Pooh. "That's my favorite kind', said Piglet.

We all know our real Christmas treasures are family and friends- that’s a given! But I do love my decorations! Many are treasures to me for they hold such beautiful memories. They make me laugh, and they bring smiles to all who come into my home. I literally have dozens and dozens and dozens of Christmas box’s filled with treasures. Each year When I take down the boxes, it’s as if I’m celebrating Christmas Morning weeks ahead each year. Here some of my treasures from last year...


Oh, how I love opening each carefully wrapped decoration! For me, they are my favorite gifts each year, because they are gifts that can’t be bought. I’m sure you can still find some of my favorite decorations on eBay, in the stores or at a garage sale perhaps. But my decorations have my own memories attached, or a personal meaning, as I am sure, so do yours.

Not being able to unwrap them this year is truly hard for me. It's cathartic for me to open those gifts each year and fill up my ‘memory joy meter’. Did you know we have many joy vials? Some are full, some half full, and some need immediate attention, and sadly some do break. Trying to keep all those vials full at the same time is quite a task, I have come to realize. Trying to fix the broken ones is impossible I have come to learn, but I believe when a vial breaks, the others try to compensate and increase in size. It takes a tremendous amount of strength, help, and faith though.

I really do try to keep my meters full. Wisdom and years have shown me how, and I work very hard at it because life is so short and precious. I’ve learned some secrets to keeping these joy meters as full as they can possibly be during the ups and downs of life.

 I've learned to overlook things, and I try hard try not to react to negative occurrences, and in rare times when I am hurt, I have trained my mind to think- what can that person be going through to make him or her say such a hurtful thing, spread gossip, act on jealousy, not call , or just be plain old mean? 

People aren’t born mean; people aren’t born without Christmas spirit. It’s just that their joy vials are all too low at the same time. This is really how I picture people. In my head, I actually see beautiful glass vials inside of them. I picture brilliantly colored liquids in each vial - some look full and others almost empty. So many things can use up that magical liquid, and if not renewed, well, I guess the beautiful liquid is replaced with dark solids of sadness and bitterness perhaps. Renewing those liquids, is to me, the force of life. I believe we renew our liquids with God’s grace and his angels.

I bet without even realizing it, one of your ‘happy’ vials was filled when you brought out your decorations this year. Since I couldn’t get my treasures out due to the work going on n my house, I felt my vial of Christmas Memory Joy depleting. I knew I had to fill it. So, I went to Hobby Lobby bought a little tree and placed it on a table in my den. My weekly trips to Marshalls, Home goods, Walmart, and The Dollar Stores help sustain my Holiday Vial until next year when it will look like Christmas exploded all over this house! I found many new treasures this year in my favorite stores that will be new gifts to myself next year!!! 

And isn’t it funny how God works? I have a new vial this year - this blog. I can’t begin to tell you how much this vial is bubbling and sparkling. It's full of glitter like in a snow globe!!!! I have no idea where the words will take me when I sit to write. I thought todays' daily would be short and simple- write about your favorite decorations. But when I sit, it’s almost as if my fingers just take on their own life and they start hitting the keys without me!

This is why I want you to write-this is why scrapbooking is so important when it comes to filling our meters. Writing will force you to think back to memories that will fill and replenish many of your meters. More importantly, they will replenish the meters of generations to come, as will those Christmas treasures packed so carefully in those big plastic bins.

Country Craft Creations and Tamra, fills our vials with each project, purchase or retreat. And I have said hundreds of times.... if you need to fill a vial or two- go to one of Tamra's retreats. I think every vial I have gets fed during those magical days !

 So..... for today's December daily, let’s take some pictures of our favorite Christmas items. Don't pick ornaments yet- or, save your favorite ornament for a daily just about it if you want.  I'm saving my favorite ornament for its own page. In terms of a different lay out, perhaps after gluing your pictures down your can write the description of the treasure around the perimeter of it,  or cut out little strips and place them directly on the picture and describe why you love it or the significance they hold.

You can focus on one of your Christmas treasures or a few. If you have time, what I started doing a couple years ago was taking pictures of my most special Christmas items and (boy do I have a lot.), and documenting  them so that Carley will know their significance if she forgets, and so will the future generations. Examples would be the few precious ornaments I had from when I was little; our first Christmas together, ornaments we bought on vacations, gifts from friends and family etc.

As I searched for images of test tubes, I came across the beautiful ones you see here. I just ordered a set from Amazon- I thought I would put some tiny pearls of wisdom, some great quotes and beautiful trinkets in them. Aren't they beautiful !!! I'm going to make some ornaments- maybe some for our Dollar Store Valentine trees!! You may want to also! 


Have fun filling your vials as we continue on with our Country Craft Creations December Daily! 

Other notes:

Did you see the new Beginner Kit Tamra just listed? It a fantastic idea! It is perfect if you are just getting started,  or if you need a perfect gift for someone you know that has everything. It could be the start to documenting a life. It would also be a great mom and child gift - no phones, no tv,  no computers, just sitting together and creating memories- wow- how can you beat that? Heres the link!


Also, Check out Tamra’s shop, Christmas papers are very low. If you need anything, shop now!

Don't forget the Craftology Box Subscriptions !! I have mine and I love it. The papers and embellishments  are awesome!!! Here was the first one !

Go Fill Your Joy Meters!!!!

Love Me! 



December 14, 2019 — Sallie Phelan


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Wonderful words…….. thank you for sharing!!!

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