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Februay 2023
Christmas is Not Just for Kids!

I remember as a child the excitement that you could feel in the air at Christmas time.Then as a young family I got to enjoy it again thru the eyes of my children. Even thru the worrisome times when we were a young military family, money wasn't always readily available. But, somehow we made sure all 4 kids never knew that, and looking back, those were great Christmas years.

As the kids have grown and now their kids, our grandchildren are growing, I am finding that as a middle aged person,it is either make Christmas come alive again or not!  I am finding so much joy in making Christmas come alive again. I have decided to let that little child in. Instead of wishing and reminiscing, I am doing. Yes! I did go see Santa Claus with a group of my scrapbooking buddies. He was the most magical Santa I have ever seen! Mrs. Santa was even there with him. His beard was real and had been sprinkled with glitter!  Only a crafter would notice that , right?  He was so full of happiness and spirit that you too would have believed he was the real Santa. But, he did say he WAS the real Santa, so I have no reason to doubt him. 

I even brought an Elf on the Shelf into our home! Yes, I choose the St Bernard. He is watching over Wilbur. On his neck is barrel with a heart. Every time Wilbur brings joy and  happiness, it is said the barrel fills up and is sent back to Santa. Who am I doubt that? It's just one more thing that I am doing to open my heart and mind to bring the spirit of Christmas back into my life, just like when I was a kid. 

For today, I want you to journal in your December Daily what makes you feel like a kid at Christmas. Maybe add a picture from your childhood, or go sit with Santa and have your picture taken. What ever makes you feel the spirit, that is what I am wishing for you today. To feel like a kid again. 



December 17, 2019 — Tamra Merrill


Sherry Maxwell

Sherry Maxwell said:

Just love the group photo and the Santa is awesome
Would to paint paintings of him ⛄️🎄

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