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Christmas Gift Ideas Using Scrapbook Paper

The season of gift giving is upon us! When brainstorming the perfect gift for a loved one this y ear, why not give something a little more meaningful? Here are my favorite homemade gifts to give a loved one this year:

“Reasons Why I Love You” Scrapbook. This gift is the perfect way to show someone what they mean to you! Each page of this scrapbook can be dedicated to a different quality you love about them. Explain each reason or tell a story that demonstrates this attribute in action. Make sure to include photos! There is so much room to be creative with this and it is sure to be a present that they will always look back on fondly.

Check out our YouTube to tutorial 'Love Letters Stacked Waterfall Folio.'

love letters stacked waterfall folio

Memory Book. Create a memory book to showcase your favorite memories together. Be sure to include pictures and let them know why this memory is so special to you. This gift can be for that special someone, including the story of how you met or your first kiss. It could also be given to a family member, to help them take a walk down memory lane with you. The possibilities are endless, and this gift is a perfect way to show someone why they are so special to you.

Be sure to check out our Youtube Tutorial 'Jumbo Memory Folio Tutorial.'

jumbo memory folio tutorial

Photo Album. Know someone who just had a monumental life event? Whether it was a new baby, marriage, or graduation these are all the perfect situations someone would love a photo album to remember it by. Ask them and other family members to collect photos and create the perfect photo album for them to look back on. In a world where everything is turning digital, there is something so special and fun about a physical photo album to display. Check out our “Themes” tab on our website to find materials to fit your album's theme.

Take a look at our YouTube tutorial 'Photo Folder No.1' (Be sure to search for part 2 after watch part 1!).

photo album

We hope you gained some inspiration to give the perfect homemade gift this Christmas!

Christmas is the perfect time to create something beautiful and unique to show your love to friends and family and we have the perfect materials to help!

December 15, 2022 — Tamra Merrill

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