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Christmas Crafts

Are you one of those families that love to make Christmas crafts? Paper angels make great ornaments and are easy to make for your next ornament exchange. In fact, making ornaments is a whole ritual itself. Wise men and women know to always start the night off with a good cup of cocoa or eggnog before making their paper ornaments.

DIY Tile Coasters with Scrapbooking Paper

Rest your cup of chocolatey goodness on a DIY tile coaster! To start, you need a few 4x4 ceramic tiles. You can pick these up for cents at a home goods store, like Home Depot. Cut the paper out to fit the ceramic tiles. Cover the upside of the tile with mod podge, place the scrapbook paper in the mod podge, and then mod podge the top of the scrapbook paper with a foam brush. Find the right balance, be sure to avoid glops, and trim any edges if needed when dry.  Spray the coaster evenly with a Clear Shellac Spray. Once this is set, your coaster is now water-resistant. On the bottom of the tile add self-adhesive cork liner for grip. 

Browse paper for your coaster here


Paper Angel Craft

The sky's the limit here! You can make your paper angels accordion style or cone style. You can use beads, buttons, stickers, and ribbons for adorning your angel too. Just do a quick Google Search to see the myriad of possibilities out there. 

Using sheets of paper that are taking up room in your craft zone is a great option for this craft. If you are looking to get a little more formal, you can search for pretty vintage paper here

Giving and receiving ornaments is a sentimental practice and many people can say they still have their ornaments from when they were a kid. Now that you know how to rock your Christmas craft time with a cup of cocoa, and a DIY coaster, be sure to check out other Christmas supplies here too. We do stand by the phrase “The More Craft Paper, The Merrier!”

August 19, 2021 — Jill Colby

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