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Bonus Tips For Craftroom Organization

Organization can help you feel less stressed and help you create freely. It can allow you to find supplies quickly without slowing down a project. Organization can also save you money. If your supplies are organized and you know what you have, you will be less likely to purchase duplicates that you don’t need. These easy bonus tips will make organizing a breeze.

Vertical Storage Space

Maximizing your vertical storage space will keep your workspace clear while at the same time keeping your most used tools accessible at all times. For example, if you love to make cards, store your decorative scissors, exacto knife and tweezers on a magnetic tool bar or pegboard on the wall next to your workspace. Paints can be stored on a bulletin board using push pins and binder clips. Another way to utilize vertical storage space is to get an over the door organizer to store supplies.


Labeling storage spaces is important. Nobody wants to search through various boxes and bins  just to find the right embellishments! Mailing labels, stickers, paper cards, post it notes can be used to keep your stash organized. You can even create custom labels with a Cricut or Silhouette. Not sure how to label your supplies? Try labeling your items with date purchased, brand name, colors, season, holidays or by sentiments.

Rolling Carts

Rolling Carts are an excellent storage option. The cart can be stored under a desk while not in use and pulled back out while working on projects. If you like to craft while watching TV the cart can be easily rolled into the family room. A cart can also be stored in a closet if you don't have a dedicated room for your crafts. Some Rolling cart models even have a wooden or plastic topper that can be utilized as a work surface.

Tackle Boxes

Have you looked at the craft store for storage solutions for small items? Be aware, storage solutions labeled as “craft storage” at your big box craft store can be marked up significantly. Even when they are on sale! Use tackle boxes instead. They are clear containers making it easy for you to see what is inside. Some come with adjustable tabs to change the size of the storage compartments. Tackle boxes are a great solution for small items such as sequins, beads, charms, and jewelry findings. 

When you are tackling organization projects this year, remember that you can succeed at any goal you set your mind to. A tidy, well organized craft room will not happen overnight. Organization is a habit that we work towards everyday. No matter the method you choose to organize, make your  space work for you and how you like to create.

January 26, 2022 — Tamra Merrill

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