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Februay 2023
Happy Wilbur Wednesday Everyone!!!
"Animal lovers are a special breed of humans, generous of spirit, full of empathy, perhaps a little prone to sentimentality, and with hearts as big as a cloudless sky"
John Grogan

 You will soon start to notice a common theme with my blogs. I LOVE QUOTES! Don’t you? I love all kinds of quotes. Inspirational quotes, funny quotes, family quotes, and especially spiritual quotes. They make me stop and think, re-access, and they usually keep me grounded in truth. I came across this quote by John Grogan, which brought me right to Tamra, Wilbur, Journey, Bagel, and myself of course. What a perfect way to start our Wilbur Wednesday Blog!


Tamra started Wilbur Wednesday to highlight past projects that would be great to re-do with current papers, or those you have in your stash.  We all know that there are hundreds and hundreds of craft sites, blogs, shops and scrapbooking tutorials out there. We are inspired and mesmerized by these gifted  creators as we flit around YouTube, Pinterest, and Facebook loading our inspiration banks. I would venture to say most of us spend the majority of our time right here, at Country Craft Creations though. We are here to learn from Tamra and her Design Team. We are here for the for the ease in which her projects are based on. The selections, customer service, and of course the rapid shipping time makes CCC my favorite online shopping experience.  I have been singing Tamra’s praises numerous times online way before she and I became friends, and way before I became part of her team. 



I believe we are also here because we are a family. We appreciate integrity, respect, old fashion work ethics, and of course joy. I have found that in this day and age finding all those qualities at one time, in one place, is rare.  I believe that is what draws us all here besides our love of the craft.


 The other glue that binds us is undoubtably Wilbur. I can tell by the comments, the way we ask for him, and the amount of likes on his videos, that we are all animal lovers. Not only did I find my happy place in the crafting world, not only did I find a friend, but I found so many fellow animal lovers on top of it all.

Although I like to think I'm the mascot of Country Craft Creations, I know deep inside, it's Wilbur. I call him my nephew!  There's just special something about this beagle. He is the smartest, most human- like dog I have ever seen. He has Tamra wrapped around his paw and can get away with almost anything. That's a brilliant dog! I laugh out loud every time she argues with him as she tries relentlessly to make her bed.  I can just hear him saying to himself, ‘I know you think this is your bed, your sheets, your room, and your house, but it's mine all mine!! I love when he walks into the studio when she's filming and makes her crazy by chasing the other dogs, taking her supplies or just barking because she’s ignoring him.

One of my favorite sounds when she's filming is the tick, tick, tick of his nails on the floor or the crashing of his metal bowl after he throws it down the stairs. I will not even mention the ‘Call to His people’ every night! I die with laughter! Oh, the joy he brings to us !!!!

So today we highlight one of my favorite Tamra Projects- Its full of pockets, flips, flowers, embellishments and waterfalls! It's gorgeous! 

The French Country Cookbook.

Here is the YouTube link:

Can you imagine this album with Authentique's Gracious Collection? Omg! It would be stunning!!! This is one of those paper collections, where you sit and wait for the perfect project in which to use it. When I fall in total love with a collection, I often can't cut into it for months, sometimes years because I love it so!


If you are looking for a  holiday gift? Can you just imagine this book completed with Authentique's Rejoice !! Gorgeous, it would be, for sure !  

Here's the link!

So I encourage to you meander through Country Craft Creations YouTube Channel, and look back on past projects. Sometimes we need something different than what's current. Perhaps we need a wedding album, a baby gift, something more meaty. You will find it there, for this woman has been creating original, quality projects for years. Here is a quick link to her YouTube Channel. Don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell to be notified when she goes live or uploads a new project!

Next up- a blog about our retreats and who knows what else my crazy mind will write about! Tomorrow is Halloween! I hear its Tamra's favorite holiday of all time! Just sayin.......

With Joy From My Heart,


October 30, 2019 — Sallie Phelan



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Cathy M Lee

Cathy M Lee said:

I love this tut Tammy did with G45. I saved that paper collection believe it or not, for this very purpose. Now…I gotta get to it!

Brenda Crouch

Brenda Crouch said:

I love looking back at past projects, heck, sometimes I see one of my older ones and think “wow” I did that! hehehe

Penny Kindblom

Penny Kindblom said:

Just want to tell you how much I am enjoying this blog. Love reading your posts Sallie. Such a personal touch with all of your thoughts and emotion. Thank you so much for sharing that part of yourself with all of us.

Linda vandrell

Linda vandrell said:

I fell in love with this group a couple years ago.. I might not be on here everyday. But what I do know is one of us is having a hard time. Spouse, puppy, or anything or anyone. I can trust whatever the situation we will be lifted up in prayer, thoughts and wishes..knowing this group is here and that I can share anything without it being plastered all over fb. But in this group. This is something and someplace you can call home! And Sallie you are so onery this makes me feel even better!!! Although there are several on here that is just as onery!!!

Mary Ellen Gilchrist

Mary Ellen Gilchrist said:

Thank you Sallie for another wonderful blog post about Wilbur and Tamra! Very enjoyable 💕

Diann Weier

Diann Weier said:

Love Wilbur Wednesday……. and thanks for the above links…….

Diann Weier

Diann Weier said:

Love Wilbur Wednesday……. and thanks for the above links…….

Sandy Trefger

Sandy Trefger said:

Love Wilbur Wednesday and this post!! Well done Sallie and I love quotes too! This recipe album is fabulous thanks for sharing it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it.

Maribeth Robison

Maribeth Robison said:

I am going to love these posts. It will make me visit all those projects I have missed. Thank you Sallie, and the entire CCC team.

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