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Angels Among Us

Do you believe in angels? I do. I used to think angels were spirits of those we loved who have passed on, or those who God sends to help and protect us when needed. I have come to know that angels exist right here on Earth also. I am so blessed to be surrounded by angels every second of every day both spiritually and physically. I love this time of year because we are surrounded by angels every where we go- even the Dollar Store had angels today! Angels are everywhere!!! 

Tamra is one of my Earth Angels. A fairly new one that God has gifted me ! She has given me a new purpose in life. She gives me laughter, fun, excitement and travel. Who could want more in their retirement? The more we talk, the more I hear of her life as a military wife and mother, the more I am in awe of her. You will love her entry when she is highlighted! What a gift God has given me at this stage in my life.

My dear friends Joan and John are my "adoptive parents". After I lost both my parents within a year of each other, they took us in and became our earth parents. The gifts of love, integrity, spiritual guidance, and giving that I receive from them, and intern that they have taught me to give back, is priceless. They open their home to us on holidays when I'm not with my godmother and their children have become my brothers and sisters. I pray God gives us many more years together. Its so hard watching those we love age. 

My Godmother is one of my Earth Angels. She, although still young, has become the matriarch of my world, and my family. I turn to her when I need a mom- advice, a message to God, or just comfort . She is the most giving and selfless person I know. Her only prayer is that her family is happy, healthy and whole. I love her with my whole heart.

My friend Diane is another one of my Earth angels. The life lessons I have learned from her are immeasurable. She too is the most humble, and one of the kindest woman I know. Diane lost her eight year old daughter to brain cancer in1997. Diane taught me about strength. She taught me that there is nothing life can thrown at me that I cant survive. I may be a different person when all is said and done, but I will survive. Diane taught me that the people around me are more important than my own grief, my pain, or my loss. Diane taught me that life goes on, and you can find joy again. She is the sister I never had.

I hand painted this quote on my scrapbook wall with angel wings- I will post a pic of the new one when the new room is complete- I love this quote so much !

My daughter Carley is my heart angel. God sent her to us knowing how much we would need each other in life. Carley has given me the gift of motherhood, something I longed for twelve long years. She gave me the gift of going to see Santa again through the eyes of my child. The gift of feeling a tiny baby fall asleep on my chest. The gift of pride watching her perform in the class play, playing her cello, or sitting through parent teacher conferences. She gave me the gift of sitting on the other side of that conference table, which helped me become a better teacher. Carley gave me gift of tucking someone into bed and reading them stories that we both loved. She made me feel important, when she ran to me when she was scared or a stranger would walk by. Carley is my hero. She has fought battles, no one at such a young age should have to fight or deal with. She pushes herself on a daily basis to have a life most are just freely given to at birth. No matter what is thrown at her, she finds the courage to get up and say- I'm here world- and Im going to fight back with everything I have to succeed and enjoy life. Carley is my reminder to stand tall no matter what. Carley is my gift from God.

When it comes to my Earth angel Jimmy, my husband, all I can say is that he is the reason I breathe. I truly sometimes think, he has my other lung and half of my heart inside of him. He lives his life to make Carley and I happy, truly- what an incredible human being. He worked twenty years protecting the people of New York City- putting his life on the line every single day working undercover, on the NYPD. This man only took one sick day off in those twenty years! Can you even fathom that?One sick day in twenty years, and thats because was hurt at work and had to be taken to the hospital. He was back to work the next day. Talk about integrity and a passionate work ethic!  I can go on and on. I have no idea what I did to deserve him.

I could go on and on talking about my Earth angels- Tricia, Zoe, Ellen, all my cousins, my brothers and sisters in laws,The Zappa's, my nieces and nephews, my past students, my brother and Rob, Carley's birthmother, and our friends on the other side of the pond. And of course  the beautiful, amazing crafters here, who have also become my extended family.

But, my favorite angels are the ones I cant see anymore, but can still feel all around me; my mom and dad. They were taken way too soon, but they got to see their granddaughter who absolutely worshiped the ground they walked for five years. I know my mom was given those 5 extra years from God to enjoy Carley- her greatest gift I believe. 

So, today I ask you to write about your angels. You can just add their pictures and little hearts to your daily, maybe a sentence to two, or a paragraph. Imagine their joy reading this years from now, and hearing again, or maybe for the first time, how important they were to you. 

When I hear bells at Christmas, I do immediately smile knowing an angel has gotten his or her wings! 

With a ting-a ling in my heart, 




December 05, 2019 — Sallie Phelan


Pamela Romano-Strickland

Pamela Romano-Strickland said:

Very nice and uplifting…

Colleen Wright

Colleen Wright said:

Thank you for your beautiful words. I too have many angels around me and am so grateful for each one of them.

Diann Weier

Diann Weier said:

I do believe in angels too…. and as you said about your Jimmy …. I can say about my husband too…….. he is my angel❤️❤️

Debbie babaryk

Debbie babaryk said:

This was beautiful! I enjoyed every word. 😘❤️

Debbie babaryk

Debbie babaryk said:

This was beautiful! I enjoyed every word. 😘❤️

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