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The Similarities between Worlds of Fashion and Scrapbooking-The 2020 Craftology Subscription


"Creativity is one of your greatest gifts. Your very essence is as a creator. No one creates exactly like you do."

Renee A Sauter-

You probably read the title of this blog and thought to yourself; Fashion? Scrapbooking? What is going on! But, when you think about it, the connections are so clear. Both involve patterns, designs, shapes, textures and favorite designers to name a few. They have Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton etc. We have Authentique, Tim Holtz, G45, Simple Stories and tons more. I never really thought about this connection until I was speaking to Tamra this week about the Craftology Subscription. She made such a great analogy that helped me understand many of the questions I had about papers and such.


I was curious as to why she was sold out of the current Craftology holiday papers from My Mind’s Eye, for example. Although there are many factors that play into this, the main reason is the same reason we are seeing spring clothes in the department stores in January. Designers, whether they be fashion or paper, are always working 2 to 4 months ahead. Winter designs are already in the stores even though winter doesn’t officially start for another month. Fashion designers have already created their spring lines and those clothes are now in production as I type. Only a certain amount of each design is made. 

Tamra showed us the current Craftology papers over a month ago and posted several sneak peeks of the project. When these holiday papers came out, we were smack in the middle of buying and creating our Fall and Halloween projects. Many of us don’t even want to think about Christmas in September and October, so we give a quick look, ooh and ahh, and scroll past thinking I’ll get it next month.

Unfortunately for my husband, when I see something, I have to have it immediately! So, I order the Craftology kits the minute they go online. I also think, that I think a little differently from most, in that I will buy the kit knowing I might never make the exact project featured. I love coming up with my own idea, tweaking the current project, or making it exactly as featured.  I also get to use my enormous stash in conjunction with the kit. This is Tamra’s joy – her tag line- Cultivating Creativity.

But what I love the most about kits like this, is the surprise. It’s going to the mailbox and seeing that white shipping box from Country Craft Creations! Just like a little kid I grab it, run inside, stop whatever I’m doing, and rip it open!  Oh, the Joy!!!!!! (Not to mention the adorable Wilbur sticker that’s attached for future surprises !)Even though I’ve seen pictures, there’s nothing like holding all those little treasures and heavenly scented, crisp papers in your hands. JOY!


Sooooo, I will be giving lots of reminders about the next Craftology Subscription. It is important to know it will be offered as a SUBSCRITION EVERY OTHER MONTH, meaning you are committed to buy the number of kits the subscription states. I love subscriptions, because I know I’m guaranteed to get it. I don’t have to worry about it selling out or missing out on a hot paper line.

 The new 2020 Craftology Subscription will be offered the first week of December. Again, I will post when it goes up, and give several more sneak peeks!!!! Tamara is getting the website ready for it as I write.

 Here are a few more sneak peaks of the paper line……I can't stand it !!!!!


 Don't forget about the Nuvo Mouse and Mica Flakes! They will take your projects to the next level! I showed them on a live this week !!,article,page&q=nuvo*

And I'd like to give a special shout out to Carta Bellas  Christmas Market- OMG !!! I ADORE IT!!!!!!


Next Up.......Tamra's December Not Quite Daily!!!!! 

Love, Me! 


November 20, 2019 — Sallie Phelan


Kristi Kramer Dann

Kristi Kramer Dann said:

Want to sign up to get your craftology boxes How?

Pamela Romano-Strickland

Pamela Romano-Strickland said:

Great Blog…love the new paper…

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